Ocean City News In Brief

OCEAN CITY – This week the Mayor and City Council worked their way through several agenda items and voted unanimously to move forward several pieces of business.

This week in the briefs is a Proclamation designating April as National Child Abuse Awareness Month, Fire Headquarters design service was approved, the selection of a new ice cream truck vendor, and the selection of a new bond counsel.

National Child Abuse Awareness Month

Mayor Rick Meehan began Monday evening’s Mayor and City Council legislative session by recognizing the month of April as National Child Abuse Awareness Month.  

The Proclamation states, “The health and safety of all citizens is important to the happiness, prosperity and well-being of our families and communities. Preventing child abuse and neglect is a community problem that depends on involvement among people throughout the community. Child maltreatment occurs when people find themselves in stressful situations, without community resources, and don’t know how to cope.

“The majority of child abuse cases stem from situations and conditions that are preventable in an engaged and supportive community. All citizens should become involved in supporting families in raising their children in a safe, nurturing environment. Effective child abuse prevention programs succeed because of partnerships created among families, social service agencies, schools, faith communities, civic organizations, law enforcement agencies, and the business community.”

Fire Station Design Service Approved

According to City Engineer Terry McGean, in the FY12 Bond Issue, $1.5 million was appropriated for renovations and additions to the fire headquarters building. Proposals for design services for the fire headquarters building were received by the council and reviewed by the Building Committee.

Written proposals were evaluated in accordance with the RFP based on 75 percent qualifications and 25 percent. Three firms were selected to make presentations to the committee. The committee selected Becker Morgan Group with the proposed cost of $89,000.

McGean requested the Mayor and City Council award the contract for design services for renovations and additions to the fire headquarters building to Becker Morgan in the amount of $89,000, and the Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to approve.

Popsy Pop Approved As New Ice Cream Vendor

City Clerk Kelly Allmond requested to award Popsy Pop LLC as Ocean City’s new Vehicle Vending Franchise, and the Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to approve.

During a Mayor and City Council meeting on March 18, Popsy Pop LLC submitted the highest bid for the vehicle vending franchise at the price of $71,200 a year, which is a total of $284,400 over the four-year contract. The bid was remanded to city staff for review. While the low bid usually scores the city’s approval, in this case, it’s the bidder that guarantees the city’s the most funds that typically earns the contract.

Staff reviewed and had no concerns over Popsy Pop owner Ron Bright’s credit and bank references and credit report. Allmond added Bright is well-established and experienced in the vehicle vending business.

According to Popsy Pop’s website, it’s a family oriented company that was founded by Bright in 1996. While starting with a small fleet of five trucks, Popsy Pop LLC now has over 140 Popsy Pop trucks and 10 Mister Softee trucks throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia.

According to its website, Popsy Pop is celebrating over 14 years as a street vending and machine vending business in delivering best quality brands of Mister Softee and Blue Bunny ice cream products to a host of customers in the Delaware Valley region.

Popsy Pop is also a member of the International Association of Ice Cream Vendors and Distributors organization, which strives to promote, develop and enhance the best quality to ensure the future success of the industry.

New Bond Counsel Approved

Finance Administrator Martha Bennett requested to award a contract to McGuireWoods LLP as the town’s new bond counsel, and the Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to approve.

Bennett explained proposals were received from seven firms offering to serve as the town’s bond counsel for a period of three years with an option for two additional three-year renewals.

Proposals were evaluated by Solicitor Guy Ayres and Bennett based on the quality and depth of the firm’s experience and its prior capability in providing similar services in Maryland, the firm’s experience in the subject areas of public finance and tax laws and regulations, commitment of time, resources, availability, and ideas to Town, and references, overall quality of proposal, and fee.

McGuireWoods’s fee will be included in bond issuance costs when bonds are sold. The company proposed $50,000 for two bond issues and is willing to negotiate a flat fee per transaction based on the type of sale at time of bond issuance.