Preservation Trust Of Wicomico County Establish Endowment Fund At The CFES

The Preservation Trust of Wicomico County (PTWC) has recently established an endowment fund at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore (CFES) to support the group’s ongoing efforts to preserve historic cemeteries, buildings and landmarks located in Wicomico County. The $25,000 check represents proceeds from the sale of the book, At the Crossroads The Architectural History of Wicomico County, Maryland written by Paul Baker Touart.  Pictured, back from left, are Jim Jackson, Past President, PTWC; Ray Thompson, Vice-President, PTWC; Doug Wilson, President, CFES; and Tom Lawton, Board Member, PWTC; and front, from left, Carl McIntyre, Treasurer, PTWC; Julie Messick, Board Member; Kathy McIntyre, Board Member; Julia Hancock, Board Member; and Jim Morris, President PTWC.