Ocean City Proclaims Today As ‘Purple Friday’

Ocean City Proclaims Today As ‘Purple Friday’

OCEAN CITY – The Town of Ocean City proudly proclaimed today as Purple Friday in support of the Baltimore Ravens.

On Tuesday afternoon, Council Chambers at City Hall was filled with black and purple as Mayor Rick Meehan presented Ravens Roost #44 with a proclamation stating today, Friday, Feb. 1, as Baltimore Ravens Day Purple Friday.

“It is a special time not only in Ocean City but in the State of Maryland,” the mayor said. “It is all about what is upcoming this Sunday and that is the Super Bowl. It is all about what has been accomplished over the course of a long season of football here in the State of Maryland and we have all been rewarded, all of the Ravens fans, and everybody in the State by the Baltimore Ravens and their ability to succeed and move forward to carry the Baltimore tradition back to the Super Bowl and that is a tremendous accomplishment.”

Meehan couldn’t go on without noting that he was wearing a No. 3 Matt Stover jersey, who was a kicker for the Baltimore Ravens, because he is a diehard Cleveland Browns fan. He explained that when he was the grand marshal in the annual Ravens Roost Parade, and knowing he is a Browns fan the roost gave him the jersey to wear since Stover once was a Cleveland Browns player.

“So I proudly wear my Matt Stover jersey every year in the Ravens Roost parade and I am extremely proud to wear it here today,” he said.

Councilman Dennis Dare and Council Secretary Mary Knight were also sporting black and purple that day as well as Ocean City Grants Coordinator Wayne Pryor who was sitting in the audience to celebrate the occasion.

Meehan pointed out the town has been supporting the Ravens in other ways throughout the playoffs, such as posting encouraging messages on signs around town like the Roland E. Powell Convention Center sign that has been flashing “Go Ravens” for weeks now.

Senator Jim Mathias has even contacted Meehan asking how the town was going to support the Baltimore Ravens this weekend in the Super Bowl.

“I am very proud to be here as mayor with the City Council to recognize what we are up for this weekend and to recognize all of you in your continued support, and I think it is great that so many of you are here today and really showing that Ravens spirit,” he said.

The Proclamation states, the Baltimore Ravens have experienced great success as they came into existence in 1996 making the playoffs nine times since 2000 with one Super Bowl XXXV victory, four AFC Division titles and two AFC Championship titles.

Despite early injuries, the Baltimore Ravens won 10 regular season games followed by playoff victories over the Indianapolis Colts, the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. The Ravens have advanced to the Super Bowl to meet the San Francisco 49ers on Feb. 3.

“The Baltimore Ravens are such great ambassadors for the Town of Ocean City by hosting their annual Ravens Parade and Beach Bash at our Ocean City resort, and have displayed to all citizens and visitors to the Town of Ocean City the results of dedications, extraordinary effort, and team work,” it reads.

“I think the town is going to be purple for the whole weekend. We have a number of Super Bowl parties going on all over the place so everybody be safe but be sure to get out and cheer the Ravens on, and go Ravens,” Ravens Roost #44 President Gary Miller said as the room erupted in cheers.