Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Beach Stands Need
To Lower Prices

I believe that the stand owners should have set low prices for beach equipment rentals as the fees for renting have become very exorbitant. I was very surprised how much an umbrella costs for rental this year. Vacationers would benefit from this and if this brings lower auction prices for the stands so be it.

We should stop trying to gouge the vacation families. Business is down for the stand owners not because of the economy, but because of the prices they have to charge for rental because of the auction process.

Jody Palmisano

Giving Thanks

During the Thanksgiving season, the Coastal Delmarva Chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors organized a collection of donations to Diakonia for our local neighbors in need.

Please join us in giving thanks to the following businesses and organizations in our community who participated in the “Baskets of Blessings” campaign: Bunting Realty, Coldwell Banker Bud Church Realty, First Shore Savings & Loan Association, Hileman Real Estate, Seaside Christian Academy, Shamrock Realty Group and Worcester County Tea Party.

Gwen L. Cordner

(The writer is the chair of the Community Service Committee of the Coastal Delmarva Chapter of Women’s Council of Realtors.)

Benefit A Success

On Nov. 2, the 32nd Annual Worcester County Humane Society Fall Dinner was held at Adolfo’s on the Ocean. On behalf of the shelter animals and staff, I would like to thank the following for contributing their time, talents and expertise to this event.

Rhonda Apple, Atlantic Gold, Brenda Bennett, Mary Bixler, Dale Britt, Erin Carrington, Christy Curran, Kenille Davies, Darrian Day, Bill Dooley, Cathy Jarman, Peggy Katona, Linda Kuchta, Tyler Layton, Mindy Lupiwok, Carolyn Miller, Bob Pisano, Sandy Summers, Bev Sweitzer and Karen Valentin.

The benefit took place on 13th Street and the Boardwalk only three days after Hurricane Sandy. It was especially heartwarming to see a benevolent group of people such as the dinner guests, the Adolfo’s staff and Apple & Britt come together for abandoned dogs and cats in our area. Many thanks to all.

Barbara Conner
(The writer is a member of the Worcester County Humane Society Dinner Committee.)

Warning Of Strike

Some local Mayors including Mr. Ireton of Salisbury and City Council in some local areas have already been made aware of the potential strike situation at US Airways Express carrier Piedmont Airlines.

As a Piedmont flight attendant and local Ocean City resident, I would also like to inform the members of our community about our serious predicament so they will not be caught off-guard should we be left with no other option than to strike.

After the sacrifices we made during our airline’s bankruptcy in 2003, we haven’t had a single pay raise in three years and are working at pay rates that date back to 2000. Since April 2009, our union, the Association of Flight Attendants, has been in negotiations with Piedmont management, trying to come to a fair agreement, but all that management has offered is regressive proposals.

Our backs are up against the wall and we are asking for your support. If management continues to refuse no negotiate in good faith, we will have no alternative but to strike. Please show your support for the hard working Piedmont Flight Attendants by talking with your elected officials.

Doug Antos
Ocean City

Surf Beach Ideas

I’ve been reading the articles and commentary regarding the surfing beach issue. Rather than increase the surf blocks to two and a half blocks, a simple solution might be to add two more surf beaches per day. Two in the north and two in the south and continue to include the inlet. Also continue the rotation process to keep it fair for all.

This would double the surfing area and eliminate the problem of bathers having to walk excessive steps to the water. Also eliminate the “no break zones” so that the surfers won’t “overload” the other surf beaches when there is no break in the designated area.

Doug Beck
Ocean City

Fun And Successful

On Thanksgiving Day, more than 400 locals and visitors and their pets, many in turkey, pumpkin, or other festive costumes, attended the 5th Annual Turkey Trot in Fenwick Island. A Pre-Trot party was sponsored by The Bookend Café in the Village of Fenwick with a Post-Trot Party sponsored by Perks Café at the Pottery Place in Sunshine Plaza. The 2.2-mile Turkey Trot started at 8 a.m. on Lewes Street, went south to the Maryland line and back.

I am delighted to report that the event was terrific success, not to mention a lot of fun. There is no charge to participate, but each year, I select two charities to support and encourage participants make donations of items or cash. This year, the event supported two important causes: Hurricane Sandy relief efforts and Toys for Tots. In all, we raised close to $2,500, donated more than five dozen blankets, comforters, and sleeping bags to Hurricane Sandy victims, and collected 40 toys for Toys for Tots.

My sincere thanks to our generous sponsors: Just Hooked, Off the Hook and Roosters Nest and other sponsors: Bikinis and More, The Bookend Café, David Twining’s Nantuckets, The Dispatch, Heritage Financial Consultants, LLC, HipAHA, Fenwick Island Boot Camp, House Pawz Pet Sitting, Maryland Screen Printing, One Coastal, Petique, Pottery Place and Perks Café, Surf’s Edge, Twining’s Lobster Shanty. Other sponsors included ShayGallo Construction, John F. Kleinstuber and Assoc., Pepsico Warehouse Sales.

I am already planning the 6th Annual Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving Day in November 2013. With the continued support from the Town of Fenwick Island, local businesses, dedicated volunteers, and people who want to trot for charity, we will be able to help more worthy organizations next year.

Lori Martin
Fenwick Island

Support A Fair Tax

Politicians seek the wrong solution to our economic woes. The income tax is a failed. It has driven business away from the US. The only proposal before Congress that will fix our economy is the Fair Tax (HR25) not to be confused with the Flat Tax.

The first year of enactment will produce 10.5% increase in the economy along with 36% increase in exports. Workers will keep their full paycheck with no deductions for Uncle Sam. Businesses will no longer have to keep mounds of records and report them to the IRS. That alone will save more than $500 billion annually which can be used to create new jobs. Every dime paid to Uncle Sam in income taxes can be used to create new business.

Congress has refused to act. Grassroots effort is necessary to pass The Fair Tax. See: fairtax.org
Roy T Newsom