Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Election Thoughts

With the town and national elections now over, it’s time to reflect on the process and outcome. Locally the "good Old Boy" process for electing the FOP choices were voted in by a low percentage of eligible voters voting most probably based on name recognition or friendship rather than principles expressed by the individual candidates.

In the process, they neglected to educate themselves on new candidates, like Mr. Bob Baker, who had innovative ideas that might have provided increased revenues for the town. So instead of being concerned about the difficult financial situation the country is facing, that will eventually effect every state, city, town and municipality, they gave their vote to the "tax and spend" candidates. But of course they’re not alone in their misguided concept. Just look at the national election. Three million registered Republicans didn’t vote for Mr. Romney but rather cast their vote for third party candidates or Mr. Obama. Their reason "To make a statement".  Then of course we have the Catholic vote. This one really is disconcerting. After this administration attacked one of the core beliefs of this religion how could anyone who calls themselves Catholics vote for Mr. Obama? Well they must have because only 48% of Catholics voted for Mr. Romney.

Now we’re all going to have to endure four more years of an administration that has increased our national debt during the first four years by over six trillion dollars and it continues to increase daily with no positive concept of a solution but rather an expectation by the president for increased taxes on the wealthy. How can anyone believe in a down economy increasing taxes would cause a positive effect on economic growth? There is no logic in this concept only an increased financial downturn leading to a recession or possibly a depression. All the people who voted for the continuation of this administration and all those that didn’t will now suffer equally probably starting Jan. 1 as the stimulus money runs out. Printing more money won’t help it will only make the situation worse. Anyone who thinks differently or believes otherwise are in for a rude awakening. We’ll now witness reductions in military spending, Medicare, social security, welfare and any other payment the government now provides. We’ll start to hear of layoffs by major corporations and the closing of small businesses with a corresponding increased of unemployment.

The net result of all of this, I fear, will be a disruption in society the like of which we have never witnessed before in our lives. All of what is about to happen is not due to just this administration however. The process has taken place over the past hundred years and both parties are equally guilty. It didn’t matter which party won the election. The amount of debt allowed to accumulate over the years will be the cause and the result of a financial downturn that will have many wondering why. We’ve been misled and lied too and now we will have to face the consequence. It’s not going to be pleasant. Hopefully, the concept of our Constitutional government will survive. Only time will tell. I only hope that everyone understands that your vote has a consequence and everyone will have to accept and live with the outcome.

Paul St. Andre
Ocean City

Gala A Success

On Saturday, Nov. 10, the greater Ocean City area gathered to honor Dr Leonard Berger MD, as he was presented with the Third Annual Hal Glick Distinguished Service Award. Almost 400 people came out to honor Dr Berger at his hotel the Clarion Fontainebleau Resort, for his many years of quiet philanthropic service to the community. Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Atlantic General Hospital and Temple Bat Yam, were the beneficiaries of the event. Almost $70,000 will be distributed to the charitable organizations involved.

  We would like to thank the nominating committee of Hal and Chris Glick, Mayor Rick Meehan, Councilwoman Mary Knight, Reese Cropper III, and Leighton and Rebecca Moore for their efforts. The event would not be possible without our dedicated organizing committee of Donna Pellinger of AGH, Denise Billings of PRMC, Rebecca Moore, Hal & Chris Glick, Sidney Eagle, Larry Pack, Rina Thaler and Steve Cohen. We are extremely grateful to Kari Berger for her valuable input and assistance. Thank you to Dr. Berger and the excellent staff at the Clarion particularly Kay Windsor, for hosting a beautiful event. To our talented emcee Richard Sher thank you for making the entire evening so enjoyable.

Our appreciation to the Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors: Leonard and Kari Berger, Choice Hotels, Sysco, Reliable Churchill LLC, US Foods, PRMC, Leighton & Rebecca Moore and The Crab Bag. In addition there were many other Sponsors, Patrons and Donors who helped make this evening a success.

Speakers in tribute to Dr Berger included Leighton Moore, Dr Barry Tull, Dr. Mort Rapoport, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, US Senator Andy Harris, Kari Berger, Jackie Berger as well as other family members. Presentations from elected officials included Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan, Worcester County Commissioner Louise Gulyas, State Delegate Mike McDermott, State Senator Jim Mathias and Tara Oursler, Chief of Staff for Dutch Rupersberger. The actual Distinguished Service award was presented to Dr Berger by Hal Glick. The invocation for the evening was given by Rabbi Susan Warshaw of Temple Bat Yam.  Thank you to all the attendees who came out to recognize and support Dr Berger He is truly deserving of this award. We are looking forward to next year’s event, and the search for future recipients.

Jeff Thaler and Warren Rosenfeld
(The writer is the co-chairmen of the Hal Glick Distinguished Service Award Committee.)

Thanks To Our Kids

We wish to thank our children for the excellent care during our illness. In January of 2012, both my husband and I became extremely ill in North Carolina.

We spent January and February in Southeastern Medical Center. My husband with heart stints replaced and seeds placed in his lung for lung cancer. I was between congestive heart failure and dehydration, also failing with rapid heartbeat and pulmonary hypertension.

When we were released from the hospital, neither of us could even stand up.

Our youngest son, Danny, and his wife, Cindy, came and packed us up and took us to Ocean City and for the next month they have us around the clock excellent care. It got to where I was concerned for their health because of the non-ending we care we received. They put us back on our feet.

We then moved to our oldest son’s home where Ernie and his wife, Diana, welcomed us again with kindness, concern and love. They also gave us excellent care, while our two grandsons Cory and Connor gave up space for us and often helped us with meals, coffee and medicines and moving my oxygen tanks around.

Our daughter, Ruth, would often come and fix meals, do our laundry, clean our room and with her husband, Brian, did all our pharmacy runs and any shopping we needed.

All of them split taking their father for his radiation treatments in Salisbury and when the treatments ended, we were back in good health and returned to our home in North Carolina.

And so we want everyone in Ocean City to know about the wonderful children we have. The caring loving children that God has blessed us with.

With all the wickedness in the world, it’s good to praise the good people. May God always bless them.

Elizabeth and Ernest Chavis
Pembroke, N.C.

Christmas Dinner Planned

The Noel Community is preparing for their 15th annual dinner on Christmas Day. The volunteers serve a free turkey and ham dinner with all the trimmings from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St. Paul’s by-the-Sea on 3rd and Baltimore Streets in Ocean City. This event has become an important part of the Christmas celebration for many including the homeless, unemployed, underemployed, shut-in, and those who are alone. Noel provides gifts and toys to many who attend. All items are free and all are welcome.
Last year, the Noel Community volunteers served over 1,300 meals including sit-down dinners and carry-outs. Meals were delivered to those who could not leave their homes and to the police, fire departments, and others who serve our community on Christmas Day.
Again this year, there is a need for monetary donations. Checks made payable to the Noel Community can be mailed to PO Box 1207 in Ocean City Md., 21843. Your financial support to purchase items for the dinner is appreciated.
Donations of non-perishable food and toiletries from individuals or organizations will be collected on Dec. 23 and Dec. 24 from 10 a.m.-noon at St. Paul’s by-the-Sea. If your business or organization is willing to sponsor a collection drive of non-perishable food or toiletries during the holiday season, please call and the Noel Community will make arrangements to pick-up the items.
The Noel Community with the generosity from Ocean City, Ocean Pines, Berlin, Fenwick, Bishopville, Selbyville, and the surrounding neighborhoods is able to make the Christmas celebration special for many in our community. The Noel Community appreciates the support and hopes you will consider their request again this year. If you have any questions please call 410-289-3453.
The Noel Community