Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Union Ad Appalling

I am proud to call myself a resident of Ocean City. We are a small and incredibly tightly knit community, responding without hesitation to the needs of our neighbors. During Hurricane Sandy there were hundreds of examples of neighbor helping neighbor. We watch out for one another. It’s what we do.

This brings me to Ocean City’s other recent storm. As Hurricane Sandy’s barometric pressure hit an all-time low, so did our local election. This week a storm is brewing over councilman Jim Hall’s re-election ad depicting a highly respected female councilwoman in bed with a bunch of men. The ad is bizarre, disrespectful to women and the message is a lie.

Many voters are appalled that Councilwoman Mary Knight, a highly respected public servant, would be portrayed in this light. It’s hard to decide which is worse, the degrading sexual connotation of Hall’s ad or the fact that his message has nothing to do with the truth.

During last week’s AARP candidate’s debate, 200 people including Councilman Jim Hall heard each of the candidates (who were depicted in the ad) clearly answer, “No, I would not be able to support the union vote at this time”. Hall’s ad dishonestly reflects the opposite. Placing this degrading ad in both local papers with a false message has given many voters pause, asking, “What is this councilman thinking?” “How far will someone go to get elected?”

This ad has backfired on Mr. Hall. The ad reveals much about the candidate’s character. After all, he approved and paid for this ad. Many voters feel that Mary Knight has taken the high road during this election and has now become a victim. She has done nothing to deserve being included in Mr. Hall’s sleazy ad. It is sad to see our local election process sink to such a low.  

This is an important election. Jim Hall’s campaign used to be “all about the money”. It’s not any more. The storm over Jim Hall’s degrading bedroom ad has made this election all about character. I encourage voters to think clearly about the character of the candidates and who these candidates have aligned themselves with. We’re a small tightly knit community.

As we clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, let’s also clean up our City Council on Nov. 6. Your vote can bring this community together or continue an ugly “divide”. It’s time to restore honesty, integrity and respect to our town government. Please vote. Every vote counts.

Patti Miller
Ocean City

Be Sure To Vote

I have waited to pen this in the hope that it would be published just before the election. It is not my intent to tell those reading whom to cast their vote for; those who know me know my politics and that I have had my mind made up for quite some time as to who will best lead this country as its president. I would like to address my thoughts to those who are voting for the first time, primarily young adults. No doubt they have heard more than once how crucial an election this is – let me reinforce that as an understatement. I have voted in every election since my first in 1972. They have all been important in their own way, but this year that importance cannot be underscored enough!

The most important questions you need to ask yourselves are – where am I now?; where do I want to be in the future?; and is that future I want for myself within my control? If you are a college student about to graduate, will you be able to secure a job within your degree and carve out your future? If you are part of a young married couple, will you have all the necessary pieces to make your marriage happy and prosperous? If you are a young parent, will you be able to provide for your child/children those things in life that are needed? If you have recently started your own business, will you be able to build it beyond its initial start-up? Yes, these questions make one’s head spin, I know. But, they need to be asked and answered, and how you cast your vote will help to provide those answers.

Make sure you exercise your right, duty and privilege on Nov. 6. Don’t let anyone tell you your vote isn’t going to count. Every vote counts except those that are not cast.

Gail Schuler
Ocean City

Leave Market Alone

If the Mayor and Town Council of Berlin would sit in a council meeting for two hours and listen to the Berlin Farmers Market merchants and other

concerned citizens state their case about the removal of the market from its original place of 19 years and not stand up at that time and state the truth about the real people behind the letter, then how do we as citizens trust that this mayor and council are doing what’s best for the town.

Councilman Elroy Brittingham stated that "he already had his mind made up about the Berlin Farmers Market before the meeting began." If this Mayor and Council were not telling the truth to the Berlin Farmers Market merchants, how are we to believe the whole truth is being told about the issue with the Berlin Fire Company?

Amy Williams

Keep Market Downtown

We go to Berlin for the farmer’s market for the veggies and to walk through the town buying a pastry, coffee, or a gift almost every week.  

While we may occasionally have to park a block away, I can’t recall having a "parking problem". I think every business would love to have a parking problem — it’s a sign of success.  If you separate the Farmers Market from the town center, we probably wouldn’t go. But I guess this will solve the "parking problem".

Bill Carlson
West Ocean City

Thanks Ocean City

Back in September, I read about and signed up for the "Emergency Text Messaging System," It’s a system Ocean City recently adopted in which persons subscribe/sign up where notification of urgent information is communicated to subscribers either via text message or by email.

Of course, no one had knowledge until just recently that this good notification system could prove to be beneficial for its subscribers sooner than later. The numerous text messages that I received as a result of my subscribing to the emergency text service from the Town of Ocean City, did play a large part in helping me make some decisions regarding preparation including returning to my residence in town.

Numerous neighbors at my building were able to assist by providing conditions as they knew at the time. This in conjunction with the new Text/Email Emergency Service that Ocean City offers to the public, no doubt makes for an "Excellent Chicken Soup Recipe" that I personally can tell you with the utmost pride that I am ever so happy that I am a subscriber.

The numerous texts that I received prior to and after Hurricane Sandy were on target and "right on the money" with generating excellent information.

It’s a great public service — good job Ocean City.
Doug Antos
Ocean City