No Storm Impact On Boardwalk

OCEAN CITY – The town’s Boardwalk did not sustain any significant damage from Hurricane Sandy and the reconstruction project was delayed only by a couple days.

Early this month the second phase of a two-year Boardwalk reconstruction project got underway with a large section in the area of N. Division and First streets being torn up and the old surface underneath being excavated.

The second phase will finish the entire Boardwalk reconstruction from Somerset Street to 15th Street. Just as in last year’s first phase, which included 15th Street to 27th Street with a section between the Inlet and Somerset Street, the second phase includes removing the old wooden decking and making major repairs to the aging substructure underneath. When that work is completed, the wooden deck will be replaced with new boards laid down in an attractive pattern that also identifies the Boardwalk tram lane.

“There was no damage to the work that they had already done, really we only lost two days and we are back at it,” McGean said.

As the hurricane approached, construction was being done in different stages throughout sections of N. Division to 3rd streets, including demolition, grading, concrete and stone work. No sections have been completed at this point as it is still early in the process.

According to McGean, the only days of work lost were Monday and Tuesday but as of Wednesday construction crews were back out there working on 2nd Street. The loss of days will have no effect on the April completion date. Weather is taken into account in making that estimation.

The Boardwalk was built to withstand hurricane conditions, and McGean explained that the Boardwalk sits on concrete footers, which the stringers are bolted to.

“It basically uses gravity to hold it down,” he said. “With the seawall in front of it, we don’t have to worry about it scouring anymore.”

In regard to the rest of Ocean City, McGean said as of Wednesday damage assessments were still taking place.

Damaged city assets that have been accounted for include the walkway at the Inlet, some of the Inlet parking lot, the Chicago Avenue walkway at the fishing bulkhead, the bayside walkway and landscaping at the Convention Center as well as some continual power outages at the facility.

The largest loss was the end portion of the Ocean City Fishing Pier. McGean explained the pier is under a franchise agreement, and the holder is responsible for repairing the pier.