Dew Tour Dates Reserved For 2013

Dew Tour Dates Reserved For 2013

OCEAN CITY – The Mayor and City Council swiftly ran through a list of items this week making a number of unanimous votes to move forward.

HSA Contribution Increased

The Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to pass an ordinance on second reading to amend the Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution amount for employees participating in the high deductible health plan.

Following a presentation given by Human Resources Director Wayne Evans and consultant for Bolton Partners Kay Moran a few weeks ago on the course of the town’s health benefits, the council voted to draft an ordinance to increase the contribution level to the HSA for employees who participate in the high-deductible plan. Legislative changes for 2013 raised the levels from $1,200 to $1,250 for single participants and from $2,400 to $2,500 for family participants.

Pumping Station To Expand

The council voted unanimously to pass an ordinance on second reading to authorize the purchase of property on 718 Kelly Road for the expansion of a wastewater pumping station. The contract of sale is for $225,000 in wastewater bond funds.

The property is in the neighborhood of Caine Woods in north Ocean City and is located adjacent to the existing wastewater station in that area.

Candidate List Okayed

According to the City Code, the council shall judge and certify the qualifications of the applicants for the municipal election.

City Clerk Kelly Allmond presented the Mayor and City Council with the list of candidates and said that all candidates have complied with all requirements, such as having signed the affidavit certifying their residency and qualifications and each candidate appears as a voter on the current voter list provided by the Worcester County Board of Elections. The candidates are also aware that they must submit their Declaration of Financial Interest document by Oct. 30.

The council voted unanimously to approve the candidates, which will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order. For mayor will be Nick Campagnoli and Rick Meehan. For City Council will be John Adkins, Bob Baker, Douglas Cymek, Dennis Dare, Jim Hall, Joseph Hall, Mary Knight, Joe Mitrecic, Sean Rox and Phillip Sayan.

Allmond added the ballot will include a proposed charter amendment, or referendum. The question is regarding the proposed amendment authorizing the council to engage in collective bargaining with all town departments and would eliminate the prohibitions and penalties for engaging in collective bargaining. The vote will either be for or against the charter amendment.

Dew Tour Dates Reserved

Private Events Coordinator Lisa Mitchell came before the council to request date holds and the location for the Dew Tour in 2013. Initially, the date hold was for load in from June 10-19, the event June 20-23, and load out from June 23-29. The location request specified the beach north of the pier to N. Division Street and partial use of the northeast corner of the Inlet lot.

The Dew Tour then provided an addendum to the date hold request to extend the load in to begin on June 6 instead, as well as extend the load out to end on July 1 and enlarge the event footprint for the cablecam towers.

The council voted unanimously to approve the requests.

The events dates from the time of load in, the actual event, and to load out will be taking place during a hectic June schedule that will start off with the Founders Entertainment Beach Concert and a Ravens Parade. The next weekend is the OC Air Show and a Longboard Challenge. The following week will have the Sun Run, Beach Raid, and various events of the Fireman’s Convention.

Holiday Gifts Reminder

Anna Foultz reminded the Mayor and Council and public alike that the 9th Annual Holiday Gifts for Our Soldiers campaign is starting on Nov. 1.

The campaign started nine years ago by Carl Foultz, who served in China, Burma and India during World War II. He remembered how much the small comforts of home were not available and wanted to help. He organized Holiday Gifts for our Soldiers by placing donation containers around the area.

This year, containers marked to receive donated items will be placed at the Libraries in Ocean Pines, Ocean City, and Berlin. Containers will also be placed at the Ocean Pines Community Center, American Legion Post 166 in Ocean City, American legion Post 123 in Berlin, and VFW Post 8296 in Ocean City.

Suggested items are powdered drinks, chewing gum, canned fruit and nuts, and beef jerky; sunglasses, suntan lotion, board games, playing cards, and small paperback books; also daily toiletries for men and women. No liquids or perishable items.

Donations are also appreciated. Make checks payable to Holiday Gifts for our Soldiers and mail to 127 High Sheriff Trail, Ocean Pines, Md. 21811. The containers will be collected on Nov. 30. The distribution of donated items will be coordinated by L.C. Michael Clancy, Programs Director for the Maryland National Guard. For more information, call 410-641-7667 or 410-208-9514.