Chauncey’s Surfabout in the Books

OCEAN CITY- The Chauncey’s Surfabout last Sunday was a huge success with good waves and dozens of winners in several categories.

For the record, Sam Deeley took first in the open short board division, followed by Travis Knight and Brad Flora. In the boys’ short board division, Simon Hetrick finished first, while Sonny Furst came in second and Logan Harvey was third. In the junior men’s division, Flora was first, followed by Shane Moore and James Furst.

In the men’s division, Travis Knight was first, followed by Matt Meinhart and Chris DiBartolo. Chris Makkibin took first in the master’s division, followed by Ted Smith and Joe Chaferon. Rhett Chevritch took first in the senior men’s division, Dave Clazey won the grand master’s division, Bill Helmuth won the legend’s division and Dave Hartman won the grand legend’s division.