City Weighing Bus Security Options

City Weighing Bus Security Options
City Weighing

OCEAN CITY — The city has embarked on an internal investigation to weigh options for giving bus drivers more support during heavy volume periods.

Councilman Joe Hall publicized his concern over crowded and rowdy buses last week, suggesting the town hire an independent company to hire security for the buses to deter inappropriate behavior on the buses.

“I brought up the bus system and how we’re handling it when we have critical mass in town and I voiced some concerns about customer service and safety and employee support,” Joe Hall said this week. “We did have a little bit of discussion in the back room about it before we came out here and felt that it is an issue worth discussing.”

Joe Hall made a motion to have Public Works Director Hal Adkins and Transportation Director George Thornes come up ideas on how the town can give stronger support to the bus drivers during busy times that would address public safety concerns.

The council voted unanimously on the motion and a report is to be given at the next scheduled work session.