Berlin Youth Club Seeking Summer Volunteers

BERLIN — Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services (WYFCS) is getting ready to launch into its second Berlin Youth Club summer camp and is looking for volunteers in the community with an interest in helping children.

“We’re excited about some things we’ll have going on this summer,” said WYFCS Executive Director Teresa Fields.

Hoping to build on the success of last years’ summer camp, WYFCS will be keeping some of the most popular aspects of that program while expanding opportunities for youth in Berlin through workshops and specialized classes that concentrate on areas like science, sports, art and many others.

“We’re going to offer a lot more activities,” said Fields.

Youth Project Coordinator Melanie Windsor explained that the special classes and workshops will operate a bit differently than the more open and general take on instruction that characterized the last summer camp.

Visits to museums, aquariums and the like are all also on the table for this summer.
“Educational trips are one thing that we’re really interested in,” said Windsor.

Field trips in general played a big part in last year’s camp, according to Fields, and will return as a feature this year.

“That was pretty popular with kids,” she said.

But WYFCS relies on outreach from the business community for most of those trips just as they rely on the community at large to volunteer to work with kids in the camp.

“With the resources we have, we do whatever we can,” said Fields.

In order to provide supervision and instruction this summer, WYFCS is hoping for at least 15 volunteers, though Windsor pointed out that “the more the merrier.”

According to Fields, activity schedules are flexible and volunteers will be welcome whether they can contribute five hours a week or 50.

“We have activities going on in the morning, afternoon, and possibly evening activities,” she said.

Besides being on hand to chaperon field trips and help out during the day, WYFCS is also looking for volunteers with skills that they would be willing to share with youth through workshops.

Anyone with a talent in music, art, cooking, sports, academics or anything that they believe could interest and educate youth are strongly encouraged to contact WYFCS.

The summer camp kicks off mid-June and is open, and free, for any children in Berlin, though some activities may be restricted by age. Anyone interested in signing a child up for the club or volunteering can contact Windsor at 410-641-4598.