A Week In Business

A Week In Business
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Employees Recognized

OCEAN CITY — The Town of Ocean City recently recognized 110 employees for their service to the town.

James K. Purnell, Public Works-Solid Waste, was recognized for 40 years of service to the town.
Kenneth Jordan, Engineering, was recognized for 35 years of service to the town.

Honored for 30 years of service were Elton Bradford, James R. Purnell and Ronald Evans, Public Works-Wastewater; Sandra Hurley, Convention Center-Museum; Beverly Adkins, Finance; and Joshua Long, Public Works-Construction.

Employees recognized for 25 years of service were Jennie Knapp, City Manager’s Office; Larry Sackadorf and Douglas Scott, Fire/EMS; Ronald Davis and Weldon Riggin, Public Works-Construction; Joseph Sobczak, Service Center; Susan Petito, Recreation and Parks; Carlton Taylor, Public Works-Wastewater; Robert Taylor, Convention Center; Yetive King, Finance; Barbara Wisniewski, Police; Melvin Foreman, Recreation and Parks-Parks; and John Terlizzi, Public Works-Water.

Employees recognized for 20 years of service were Kevin Brown, Construction Inspection; Mark Pacini and Scott Kirkpatrick, Police; Michael Showell, Public Works-Wastewater; Hugh Hommel, Michael Maykrantz, and Trevor Steedman, Fire/EMS; Richard Malone and Dale Burrs, Public Works-Maintenance; Mark Longanecker and Leroy Timmons, Recreation and Parks-Golf; Miriam Green and David Hartley, Fire Marshal; Kimball Witcher, Convention Center; Dawn Leonard, Finance; and Eric Hurley, Public Works-Water.

Employees recognized for 15 years of service were John Driscoll, Public Works-Solid Waste; Reginald Bell and Ronald Ellis-Gaal, Public Works-Construction; Richard Fisher, Public Works-Maintenance; Robert Harbaugh and Raymond Wise, Convention Center; Christine Perry, Fire; Elfriede Kerstetter, Tourism Promotions; Elton Harmon and Sydney Findley, Police; Lori Calloway, Finance; Scot Wells, Emergency Services-Communications; and Melanie Rhodes, Recreation and Parks-Golf.

Employees recognized for 10 years of service were Gail Blazer, Engineering; Mark Wolinsky, Edward Newcomb, and Jeffrey Heiser, Police; Tyrone Smith and Eremine Beckwith, Public Works-Solid Waste; William Knight, Public Works-Water; Douglas Baker, Convention Center; Erik Davis, Public Works-Garage; Julie Golightly, Recreation and Parks-Parks; Roy Crouthamel, Public Works-Maintenance; Marlo Purnell, William Oliver, and Edward Knuckles, Public Works-Wastewater; Brenda Moore, Recreation and Parks-Special Events; Robert Croll, Recreation and Parks-Golf; Jeffrey Givans, Public Works-Construction; Diane Knuckles, Convention Center-Museum; and Elizabeth Rankin, Service Center.

Employees recognized for five years of service were: Danielle Giordano, Charles Kelley, Aaron Morgan, Carl Perry, Daniel Jacobs, Shawn Lindsey, Timothy Coyle and John Spicer, Police; Joseph Ryan and John Noel, Public Works-Wastewater; Eric Borneman, Christopher Brown, Amanda Bunting, Kover Ellingsworth, Mark Lloyd, Derrick Simpson, Kimberly Tull, Steven Twilley, and Sidney Wooten, Fire/EMS; Timothy Duffel, Timothy Noon, Connie Taylor, George Peake, Paul Shanholtz and Steven Bartlett, Public Works-Transportation; Thomas Dy, John Morole, and William Pettit, Sr., Public Works-Maintenance; Timothy Wynne and Nicholas Lehman, Public Works-Water; Thomas Hughes, Construction Inspection; Crystal Davis, Service Center; Kelly Allmond, City Clerk; Norman Bradford, Public Works-Garage; Ross Palmer, Recreation and Parks-Golf; Drake Bowen, Convention Center; James Haynes and Christopher Davis, Recreation and Parks-Parks; Craig Southard, Recreation and Parks; Edward Kovacs, Recreation and Parks – Beach Patrol; and Charles Marble, Public Works-Solid Waste.

General Surgeon Added

BERLIN – Atlantic General Hospital announced this week that Sidney Barnes, MD, has joined the medical staff.

Barnes, a general surgeon, has relocated his practice from Crisfield, Md., where he most recently served as the chief of surgery at McCready Hospital.

He will provide general surgical services at Atlantic General Hospital, through his practice located within the office of general and bariatric surgeon Alae Zarif, M.D., in Berlin Main Place. He will also see patients at Atlantic General’s award-winning Wound Care Center and serve as the center’s medical director.

“We’re very pleased that Dr. Barnes has chosen to come to Atlantic General Hospital,” said James Brannon, vice president of professional services. “He brings nearly 20 years of experience to the communities we serve and is an excellent addition to our Medical Staff.”

In addition to general surgery, Barnes has extensive experience with trauma surgery as well as wound care. He is actively involved in educating the next generation of healthcare providers, serving as an adjunct professor of surgery at University of Maryland Eastern Shore and as a surgical preceptor for the school’s physician assistant program.

Barnes received his medical education at New York University School of Medicine. He completed a surgical internship and his residency at the Graduate Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. He is certified in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery and is a fellow of the American Board of Surgeons.

Owner Speaks At Conference

OCEAN CITY — Reese Cropper, III owner of Insurance Management Group, Inc. in Ocean City, was a speaker at the Community Associations Institute, (CAI) 2012 National Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas on May 2-5. Attendees were professional community managers, insurance agents that specialize in condominium risks and homeowner volunteer leaders from across the United States.

While attending the conference, Cropper presented the topic Cookie Jar: Lessons Learned From The $850,000 Theft of Funds, and explained how to protect your community from a theft by a trusted community member or manager.