Voices From The Readers

Lawsuit Next?

Well it looks like the band of four has struck again. First they fire an excellent city manager because he doesn’t agree with " their" plans for the future, now they go and hire a new city manager and again the vote comes down to 4-3.

One of the questions that needs to be answered here is does the phone call made to one candidate by Councilman Joe Hall open up Ocean City for a lawsuit by the other candidate stating that that one candidate was given an unfair advantage with information passed onto him during the call. Will this be something that comes back and bites the city?

Will there be a long drawn out legal mess because of this?
This is not written to berate the selected individual, who may turn out to be a great city manager.

This is written because it appears more and more like the process is broken. There seems to be no interaction between the majority of four and the minority because they can pass anything they want.

There has to be a reason there were three votes against this candidate but it doesn’t matter as long as the band of four sticks together. This is almost like watching Survivor when a strong alliance runs the game. Unfortunately, this is not a game but the government of our city.

All that is left is to hope two good individuals step forward this fall and turn the band of four into the band of two.

Len Bender
Ocean City

Dysfunctional Governing

I just read through your Daily Buzz article about the new city manager being approved apparently by a 4-3 vote.

As a property owner, but not a resident who is allowed to vote, I just have to state that the government of Ocean City is dysfunctional and I, for one, am tired of paying the bills for this insanity. This council must be replaced and it must start with Joe Hall, who violated council rules by directly contacting a candidate to achieve his personal agenda.

I have no idea what the residents were thinking when they elected this bunch, but hopefully they will realize the error of their ways in the next election. If I were in charge, I’d make the entire council spend their days walking behind the horses on the beach.

Tom Endler
Ocean City

Owners Are To Blame
Pet massacre? No just bad pet owners.

There would have been no cats put down by the county if those ignorant pet owners had bothered to put collars and ID tags on their pets.

Animal Control does not have the resources to go door to door looking for pet owners. The Odachowski family cried when their pet went missing. He said “his 16-year-old cat had no front claws, barely any teeth and struggled to walk.” Really, what kind of people let a beloved elderly, defenseless pet outside? Cruel? Ignorant? Same goes for the Zimmermans. What kind of people live on Waterview Drive?

For the homeowner who trapped the cats, good for you. It is pretty obvious to me that this is an ongoing problem for you. Since the Odachowskis, Zimmermans and the rest of the people on Waterview Drive refuse to put collars and ID on their pets, one can only assume the cats without ID are feral and should be dealt with accordingly.

My hope is Animal Control will fine all the people on Waterview Drive for not registering their pets and not having rabies tags. Plus, bill the cost of boarding, the damaged tongs and the cost of putting the cats down to the appropriate pet owners.

I also hope the county fines the people that are displaying illegal signs.

If we could fine the stupid pet owners on Waterview Drive, the county could make money, but between the Zimmermans, Odachowskis and the rest of the people on that street, the county would be there a week fining stupid pet owners and that would not be cost effective. Let’s leave them at stupid and inhumane shall we.

I have been a pet breeder for 28 years.
Mike Gallagher
Ocean City


Go north or stay in the south, Mr. Recor can’t make this decision, so four of our council members made it for him.

In response to your Wednesday Daily Buzz article, the government in Florida should be confused. Many of the residents of Ocean City feel the same way. This process has blemished our government.

Congratulations to Council members Mary Knight, Doug Cymek and Lloyd Martin. We will remember your vote.

Beverly Kerns
Ocean City

Support Overwhelming
A big thanks to all those who came out in support of the Kevin Chester benefit.
Thanks to all the people who put their time and energy into it and all of the donors.

Fishtales, Bucks Place, Fabian Rodriguez, Pickles Pub, Harborside, Southside Deli, Ponzettis, Anthonys Beer & Wine, Higgins Crab House, Johnny’s Pizza, Coins, Satellite, Jimmy’s Kitchen, Misaki, Yummys, Crab Bag, Hall’s Restaurant, Malibu’s, Atlantic Skates, K-Coast, Chaunceys, Fenwick Surf Shop, Jolly Roger, Frontier Town, Baja, Independent Tattoo, Raggamuffins, Hair Evolution, Bethany Massage, Wampum, Kitty’s, O.C Golf, Live Long Fitness, 24/7 Gym, Fractured Prune, Mother’s Cantinaa, Peppers Tavern,Malia’s, Bj’s on the water, Tyndalls furniture, Coastal Wellness, LaHacienda, Patti Backer, Kristen Hooks, Simplify, A Latte Enjoy, Seaside Siren, Cork Bar, Bayville Package, Frank and Dorothy, Martha Bennett, Roland and Jeanie Powell, Hooplas, Speedqueen, Phantom Limbs, Lower Class Citizens and Marla and Skip Dixxon,  Thanks again.

The Chester Family

Federal Decision On
Farming Shocking

Occasionally, I submit a Letter to the Editor, and always try to be pleasant. I admit I have been put to the test.

The recent effort by the U.S. Department of Labor to seriously interfere with, or prevent, the participation of young American farm family members in doing farm chores is beyond belief. It shows a total lack of understanding of what discipline and education is all about, and what made America a great nation.

Ask the Future Farmers of America and the 4-H Club about this. Learn what the kids off the farms in our military services accomplished in our wars, especially in World War II.

Serious contemplation of this matter leads me to believe that currently there are three levels of intellectual development required for assignment to positions of responsibility in Cabinet agencies, as well as in Congress and the White House. They are, in order: (1) Assininity (2) Idiocy, and (3) Imbecility.

God help us!
William G. Dillon
Ocean Pines

Family Says Thanks

The family of Clayvolyn (Clay) Crippen would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all the support, prayers and kindness shown to us at the passing of our brother.

Clay quietly gave to others each day, showing love and compassion and a helping hand to all. This love was indeed remembered and honored by his many friends.

To each church and individual that honored his memory and love we say thank you and God bless.
The Crippen Family