With Parking Resolved, Planners OK Lizard Expansion

OCEAN CITY – The Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission has approved the expansion of De Lazy Lizard on First Street to include a beach area and kids playground.

The proposed site plan revision includes off-site parking spaces to eliminate a current parking deficiency as well as an existing water-related recreational activity and an expanded outside use area.

A couple of weeks ago, the commission delayed the site plan discussion and was not willing to grant the establishment any other requests until it complied with the required amount of parking.

“Subsequent to that meeting, they have secured parking in three ways,” Zoning Administrator Blaine Smith said.

Smith went back in time recalling originally De Lazy Lizard only included the bayfront property and the parking lot on the east side of Bayview Avenue. Recently, the commission approved the expansion of the toilet facilities in the building, necessitating a parking waiver from Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).

At that time, the Planning and Zoning Commission commented to the BZA that any future expansions would require the operation to bring parking into conformance.

De Lazy Lizard is required to have 65 parking spaces to accommodate the food and beverage establishment but since there is a water sport company partnered with the operation this increases the required amount of parking, and they have leased 10 additional parking spaces to satisfy all required parking.

“Everything will be conforming,” Smith said.

Smith added one of the parking lots secured on 2nd Street and Philadelphia Avenue has adequate lighting to be used for a night-time operation but the other off-site lot on the south side of 1st Street may have to be brought up to code for lighting standards.

Commission member Peck Miller became concerned over patrons leaving a bar at 2 a.m. and traveling to off-site parking lots.

“I think it is in your judgment of the remoteness of the lots … the streets are well lighted in that neighborhood,” Smith said.

Smith added that there is a metered municipal lot nearby.

Commission member Chris Shanahan asked how customers will be directed to the off-site parking spaces and attorney Hugh Cropper, representing De Lazy Lizard, responded there will be signs directing customers.

“You guys are lucky to have these spots … it looks like a nice package,” Shanahan said.

Miller set the motion to approve the request, and the commission unanimously approved.