Music Fest Acts Could Be Released In February

OCEAN CITY – The process to have High Tide Music Festival come to town is on schedule as the event’s organizers have set a goal to have a lineup and its headlining bands released by February.

Founders Entertainment Festival Project Manager Tom Russell last week said that offers have been sent out to headliners and he is awaiting confirmations but names cannot be released due to confidentiality.

“We’re excited about it and it’s hopeful that some of these headliners fall and we have a good event,” Russell said. “Our goal is to have all the genres covered. We want music for everybody. We want music for the older folks in Ocean City to enjoy, and we will have music for the younger folks in Ocean City to enjoy.”

According to Russell, his company hopes to hear back from headliners within the first two weeks of January and the big announcement should be made by the beginning of February.

“Depending on what they say will determine the timeline of how we are going to roll things out and what the next steps are,” he said.

Russell added that Founders Entertainment had provided the city with a large list of targeted talent for High Tide Music Festival and it was returned with bands that were favorable and those to avoid.

As far as sponsors and vendors, Russell said that would be the next step once nailing down the lineup.

“Our goal is to work with local businesses as much as possible, but since we are still in the process of booking the larger level bands we want to wait to see what happens to see what sponsors to bring in that are logistic with the vibe,” he said.

Along with the event’s approval, beer and wine was also approved to be served, which is a rare commodity along Ocean City’s beaches. Russell said that Founders Entertainment is currently working toward getting permits approved. As of now, there are no plans to serve liquor during the event.

“We are trying to make sure that it is a safe event and everybody comes and has a good time,” he said.

Russell furthered that there will be the proper number of security on the beach and an entire management team in place in regards to alcohol sales.

Founders Entertainment has found working hand-in-hand with Ocean City and its department heads involved has been a smooth and easy process thus far.

“It seems as though the community has been behind it, which is helpful for us because our goal is for them to have a good time and for Ocean City to benefit from everything,” Russell said. “Everybody has been very polite and kind and very honest, which is something that we sincerely appreciate.”

High Tide Music Festival is scheduled to debut on June 2-3, 2012, and so far everything is indicating it will go off without a hitch.

“We are working as fast as we can to get things in motion,” Rusell said. “It is somewhat indicative of what the headliners come back to us with … we want to come out the gates and put on a successful event that makes the town of Ocean City as much money as possible, that allows us to be successful and come back for many years to come.”

High Tide Music Festival is planned to be a two-day music and arts festival with three stages on the beach downtown. The event will include art, beach games and sponsor activities that will complement the music. The Founders Entertainment team has estimated that the economic impact on Ocean City will be upwards of $20 million, based on studies of similar festivals held around the country.

Founders Entertainment was established in 2010 by Russell, Jordan Wolowitz, and Yoni Reisman to create paramount live music experiences for fans, artists, and event staff. It’s a full-service concert and festival promotion and production company specializing in buying, creating, producing and promoting events.