Berlin Selects Contractor For Spray Site

BERLIN — An additional spray site for the town of Berlin should be 100 percent finished around this time next year, said town officials.

The Mayor and Council agreed to a contract with AP Croll, a Delaware-based construction firm, Tuesday for the completion of the town’s Newark spray site location. Croll will be adding a lagoon, pump stations and other units to the property.

“That will be the last piece in the construction phase,” said Town Administrator Tony Carson.

The $3.9 million project is set to be completed by next December, though portions of it will need to be rushed to help Berlin avoid running into trouble.

“The lagoon will be operational by the summer,” Carson told the council.

The lagoon is a priority because of the additional capacity it opens up for the wastewater department, which will allow them to avoid groundwater discharge. After its completion, pump stations and other necessities will be added. The Newark location will not replace the spray site in Libertytown, but will serve to compliment it, added Carson.

Once everything is installed, Berlin’s overhaul of its general wastewater system will be finished.

“That should complete everything,” said Mayor Gee Williams.

Williams said that Berlin has been “re-modernizing and expanding the entire wastewater system” over the last few years. This includes the spray sites at Newark and Libertytown as well as the primary plant located on Bottle Branch Rd.

“It’s state of the art at every part of the process,” said Williams.

While the effort has been time consuming and expensive, Williams said that he is happy with the results, since Berlin now has one of the most efficient and least environmentally impactful wastewater systems in the State. He believes that other municipalities in Maryland will hold Berlin up as an example.

“I’m hoping they’ll be able to follow the model,” said Williams.

Williams added that updating Berlin’s wastewater would not have been possible without the help of companies like Croll as well as the assistance of federal, state and county agencies.

“We’re trying to work with all credible and interested partners,” he said.