Letters To Afghanistan

In an effort to learn a little about the people who serve in the armed forces, Melissa Vit’s class wrote letters to a unit serving in Afghanistan. Service men/women took the time to write back answering questions and explaining what jobs they do.  Master Sergeant Jason Thomas came to the classroom when he returned from Afghanistan and answered questions the class had and presented the class with a certificate and a United States flag that was flown aboard a C-130H Aircraft. Students pictured, front, Grant Janek, William Hrechka, Emmalee Jarman, Jaden Spence, Niamh Lundburg and Jarius Forman; and, back, Quinn Ebaugh, Ethan Meenan, Camden Eberly, Alexandra Turner, Daniel Stepcic, Dayton Lantz, Logan Wilkins, Amanda Melvin, Billy Wheatly, MaNyah Banks, Maysell Crossland, Clinton Peacock and Thomas.