OCES Students Of The Month

Ocean City Elementary School honored the January Students of the Month recently. Pictured, front row, are first grade honorees Trystan Duffy, Colby Cascio, Molli Spicer, Lorelei Auker, Grace Williams, Brando and Campechano-Cordero; second row, second graders Zitlhaly Lopez-Camacho, Victoria Mueller, Luke Doerzbach, Eduardo Perpetuo-Filho and Allison Marx; third row, third graders Jamey Gannon, Robert Pinzhoffer, Leslie Zamora-Espinoza, Mae Purnell, Roman Pabach and Deema Hammad; and fourth row, fourth graders Grace Beres, Laura Ortega-Diego, Collin Terlizzi, Dori Krasner, Jenna Miller, Abigail Crisanti.