Ocean City News In Brief

OCEAN CITY – The Planning and Zoning Commission and Mayor and City Council agendas this week contained a few items of discussion. Here’s a review:

Request To Purchase Right-of-Way

Adjacent property owners’ request to purchase city land from the Mayor and City Council located at the south end of Mediterranean Dr. was presented in a public hearing.

City Engineer Terry McGean also requested that the failing bulkhead, storm drainpipe and outfall also be included in the requirements of purchase. The improvements would add a property to the tax rolls and relieve the city of the expense.

McGean’s request was accepted in Councilman Doug Cymek’s motion to conduct an appraisal on the property to prepare it for purchase. The motion passed in a unanimous vote, with no discussion or objection from the public or Mayor and City Council.

Historical Marker Planned In OC

According to Ocean City Development Corporation Director Glenn Irwin, a new historical plaque for Ocean City is to be completed in the near future, and he addressed the Mayor and City Council on where it is to be placed.

Irwin recommended the plaque be placed at the intersection of South Baltimore Ave. and South Division Street near the Bus Transit Center facility. He requested this location because it is in the oldest part of Ocean City and the intersection receives a large amount of vehicular and foot traffic.

The Mayor and City Council accepted Irwin’s recommended location in an unanimous vote.

Hotel Plans Move Ahead

A six-story, 108-room hotel was presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission this week in a preliminary stage.

The hotel will be located on 100-67th Street, with its surrounding neighbors being World Gym to the south and Old Pro Golf to the north.

The proposed hotel is planning to feature unique architecture compared to other towering hotels in the area. The planned construction also includes attractive landscape, pervious pavement and other environmentally friendly aspects.

The commission favored the hotel and came to a consensus to approve it in its preliminary stage to pass it into its final site plan review.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor
Restaurant Code Discussed

The Planning and Zoning Commission discussed what language in the code differentiates a restaurant to have indoor or outdoor seating, regarding the amount of parking spaces an establishment would be required to have.

The commission agreed to approach the definition of the code through future public hearings concerning site plan criteria, view standards, and lighting standards.