Thanks For Leadership

Thanks For Leadership

Thanks For Leadership
We want to express our thanks to Joe Mitrecic for his leadership with the Ocean City Council.

He conducted meetings well as council president. We also want to congratulate our newly elected Council members, Ashley, Martin and Pillas, and wish them success. We have detected some concerns relative to the effectiveness of the newly elected council . However, the council should be able to conduct business just as successfully and efficiently as in the past. One difference will be that the more conservative group was in the minority in the last council and will now be the majority.
The voting public has made their wishes known. It is now the responsibility of all seven council members to work together for the good of Ocean City, especially when we consider the continued need for economic belt tightening.
John and Ann McDermott
Ocean City

Reaching Out To Young Vets
Thank you and welcome home to all of the war veterans who served in this and past wars.

Our Ladies Auxiliary wants you younger veterans to have a place to meet and share things of interest. We will pay your first year’s dues to join our Post. We will also pay the first year’s dues for your spouse to join the women’s or men’s auxiliary.  

The Veterans of Foreign Wars is so much more than a club where Veterans hang out. We support our active troops, veterans, their families, area youth, community and charitable organizations and there are service officers to help with veterans affairs. Veterans have all shared similar experiences and there’s a good feeling being around others who understand.

Membership cards are honored at all VFW’s and most veterans service clubs. Average age of our newest veterans seems to be 25 years old.  We have a few new veterans and we’d love to have you join us. Make this a place where you, your family and friends feel at home. Call for more information at 410-524-8196.

June Kelly
Ocean City
(The writer is the Ladies Auxiliary president.)
Bullying Needs Attention

By some students and parent’s experience, Worcester County schools that do not take bullying, harassment and intimidation serious are haunted houses.

I have attended school functions this year, only to find out a fight has taken place outside of school property. Is this acceptable?

Since when is the school not part of the community. After asking questions, I found that words used during school were offensive and someone was taunted to fight, thinking as long as it’s not on school property then the fight was posted to the satisfaction of students.
The law applying to bullying is only going to work if it is put on the same priority list, like SAT results, Blue Ribbon awards, etc.
This problem is not to be disguised as a "Right of Passage." It is serious and should be taken as such. We must work as a community: administrators, teachers, parents and family members and most of all students.

Don’t let bullying take place. Report it. Retaliation against the student who does report bullying, is also against the bullying law.
Everyone should read the law and respect it. Check with the school office to get copies.

Beverly Kerns
Ocean City