Ocean City News In Brief

OCEAN CITY – This week’s Mayor and City Council meeting agenda included a few requests that were approved. The following is a recap of the items discussed.

Boardwalk Decking
Maintenance Extended

Public Works Director Hal Adkins requested for the contract with Kade Construction to be extended to continue the Boardwalk’s Decking Maintenance Project at the 2009 price.

According to Adkins, this past summer numerous areas on the Boardwalk have required above-average repairs due to what appears to be an escalated rate of deterioration of decking lumber. The budget will allow 5,000 boards to be replaced in the areas of 19th to 20th streets and 5th Street south. A small portion of the budget will be set aside for unknown expenses.

Kade Construction agreed to keep the 2009 prices, which were 18 percent lower then its closest competition in last year’s bids. The council voted unanimously in approving the extension of the contract.

Beach Equipment Rental Auction

The south end beach equipment rental parcels, area including the inlet to 26th street, 17 parcels in total, will be auctioned off on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 10 a.m. in the City Council chambers. The council voted unanimously to approve the date.

Bid Due Date Changed
For Beach Photo Franchise

City Clerk Kathy Mathias asked the Mayor and City Council to pass an emergency ordinance to change the bid due date to allow sufficient time for individuals to place their bids for the beach photography franchise.

The council approved her request and the ordinance will now require the beach photo franchise bids to be due by the first Monday in December.

Funds Okayed For
Cop Car Equipment

Captain Kevin Kirstein of the Ocean City Police Department requested permission from the Mayor and City Council to utilize funds from the Byrnes Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) to purchase computer and video equipment for installation in new patrol cars.

According to Kirstein, the laptop computers will replace aging fixed mount machines, which are no longer supported and the video equipment will be a continuation of the in-car camera program started last year. The department is looking to buy seven Toughbook computers, seven Microsoft Office licenses, seven E-Tix printers and scanners, and three Panasonic Arbitrator in-car cameras, a total of about $56,000 in spending. The council voted unanimously to use the grant to fund the new equipment.

Request To Purchase Portable
Stage For Convention Center

City Engineer Terry McGean was in attendance to ask the council permission to purchase a portable stage for the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, requested by Convention Center Director Rick Hamilton.

According to McGean, the convention center expansion project involves the demolition of the existing ballroom stage and incorporation of that space into the expanded bay front ballroom. A portable stage will then be utilized when needed. Demolition of the stage area will be early in the construction process so a new portable stage will be needed prior to construction to accommodate existing business needs.

The council voted unanimously to approve the purchase of the portable stage in the amount of $90,524, funded from the Convention Center Capital Reserve fund.

Transit System Gets Boost

Councilwoman Margaret Pillas reported that the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore awarded $2,000 to the Med Tran transit system. An application was submitted in late July for a grant.

Bob Melvin, who spearheaded an effort to alter the system, said the $2,000 should take care of the system for an entire year. He also said that the award overwhelms him because he has never been able to get anything over $500.