WPS Students Participate in Summer Reading Program

Worcester Prep students in grades 1-6 participated in a summer reading program to encourage extensive reading of books over the summer. Winners for reading the most books and/or pages were, front from left, Will Mears, second grade. 3,295 pages; Robert Jett, fourth grade, 30 books, 3,625 pages; Anna Dashiell, second grade, 46 books, 4,547 pages; Zander Jett, second grade, 3,679 pages; Maya Nateson, fourth grade, 3,627 pages; Isabel Dashiell, sixth grade, 6,199 pages; Abigail Plylar, third grade, 48 books, 2,677 pages; second row, Hugh Thomas Cropper, first grade, 22 books, 5,009 pages; Liam Hammond, fourth grade, 35 books, 6,050 pages; Quinn McColgan, third grade, 48 books, 5,677 pages; Cameron Langeler, fifth grade, 18 books; Annika Larsen, third grade, 48 books, 5,265 pages; Sarah Savage, fifth grade, 65 books, 11,768 pages; Kate Conaway, first grade, 158 books; Caroline Savage, sixth grade, 22 books, 4,195 pages; and, back, Kathleen Emche, sixth grade, 20 books; Myra Cropper, first grade, 230 books, 5,150 pages; Hannah Merritt, fourth grade, 29 books; Camryn Sofronski, fifth grade, 5,598 pages; Brenner Maull, fifth grade, 4,943 pages; Carter McCabe, first grade, 2,517 pages; and Jonathan Ruddo, sixth grade, 15 books, 4,014 pages. Not pictured is Tenley Pelot, second grade, 70 books.