OC Trolleys Could Winter in Annapolis

OCEAN CITY- Some of Ocean City’s municipal trolleys could be spending the winter in Annapolis although details about their return date could derail the donation.

This week, the Mayor and City Council approved a loan of Ocean City’s trolleys to the city of Annapolis.

In late September, Annapolis acting director of the Department of Transportation, Kwaku Agyemang-Duah, contacted Ocean City’s Superintendent of Transportation, George Thornes, in reference to Ocean City’s trolleys. He asked if the town could loan Annapolis eight trolleys during the time period of October 2010 to May 2011.  The city of Annapolis is expecting the delivery of new Gillig buses in May.

“We believe that the addition of these trolleys for this period will greatly improve the quality of the bus service we provide to the riding customers in the Annapolis area,” said Agyemang-Duah.

According to Thornes, loaning the trolleys would not interfere with Ocean City’s operation during the off-season but raised concern about the possible return date.

“We will need them returned in early April to prepare them for Springfest 2011,” he said.

Ocean City Transportation assistant superintendent Brian Connor pointed out some potential problems with the loan of the trolleys in the fall end of the equation.

“Typically, in the month of October we begin preparing for our DOC inspection of these vehicles,” he said. “In addition to that, we also have a public service commission who requires us to perform inspections and that will be taking place October 19-22.”

Before loaning Annapolis the trolleys, certain precautions will need to take place. “If we do decide to do this, we of course, would need to get the proper insurance certificates and agreements in place,” said Connor.

While there are some details to iron out, Ocean City officials were generally supportive of the idea.

“Annapolis is an important city to the state of Maryland and a good neighbor,” said Council member Jim Hall. “If we could get it worked out with the timeline and between you, the city management office, and the city solicitor, I make the motion to accept this.”

Council member Doug Cymek seconded that motion with the caveat the details are worked out.
“I trust that the agreement will take care of maintenance and insurance as well,” he said.
During the discussion Councilman Joe Hall questioned the productivity of the trolleys for the town.

“I think that area may be the least productive unit we have in the transportation department,” he said. “They don’t really function productively for us and if we could change them out for a more productive vehicle.”