Facebook Scores Victory for Humane Society

OCEAN CITY- Despite its many impractical uses, the social network Facebook recently scored a victory for the Worcester County Humane Society by assisting in the adoption of a puppy by a family from Baltimore.

Worcester County Humane Society Facebook administrator Lisa Carlotta this week proudly announced the adoption of a puppy left on a road side and delivered to the facility was made possible through Facebook.

“This is exciting because it shows the power of Facebook to share and help the animals at the WCHS,” she said.

Carlotta started the Facebook profile for the WCHS last May, and for it to gain enough attention in order to make adoptions and donations possible, then her mission has become a success.

“Basically, when puppies or cats come in, I get them up on the Facebook page,” she explained. “One of our fans posted a picture of the new puppies on her wall and then her friend saw them.”

Facebook, being the chain reaction that it is, has benefited WCHS in attracting not just local attention but even in the surrounding areas. The Herman-Dyer family that adopted the puppy is from Baltimore.

“Her family came down from Baltimore to pick up ‘Pixie’ last Saturday,” said Carlotta. “Their family dog, Honey, died of cancer at the age of 7.  She has been searching for a pet locally, but the Ocean City shelter had one she wanted.”

According to the WCHS’s Facebook page, the puppies, two males and four females, were found on the roadside and brought to the shelter.

“The puppy only had a little over a week at the shelter, if that, and I think this was a really cool way to get the puppy a new home,” she said.

The WCHS was founded in 1977 and it is a non-profit, no-kill facility, which relies very heavily on donations. Their mission is to provide animals with food, medical care and shelter.

“There’s big dreams for that Humane Society to get a new facility,” said Carlotta. “It’s tough to get people to donate right now and that shelter really does need some help. I thought maybe I can do this on the Facebook side to get some fundraising going for them.”

Lisa has made it possible for donations to be made through the WCHS Facebook page.

“Our shelter needs all the attention and help it can get,” she said. “Facebook is also set up to accept donations through Pay Pal, an idea that has not been effective enough, but what a way to garner interest for WCHS.  All money is directly deposited into WCHS banks.”

Donations are important but adoptions are just as important if not more. Facebook has made it possible for WCHS to receive the attention it needs.

“I think we just have to tap into the local community here and get people to notice,” she said. “If we can keep the animals running through that’s a big help too.”