OC Police Cruiser Collides With Biker

20-year-old female on a bicycle in the area of 45th Street and
Coastal Highway was struck by an on-duty Ocean City Police Department (OCPD)
cruiser on Wednesday morning and was taken to the hospital for treatment of
injuries sustained in the collision.

Around 9 a.m. on
Wednesday, the biker attempted to cross Coastal Highway at 45th
Street from east to west against a traffic signal when she was struck by an
OCPD police cruiser. According to police reports, the girl had crossed the
northbound lanes of Coastal Highway against a traffic signal causing northbound
motorists to avoid hitting her.

The cyclist attempted to
continue to cross before abruptly changing directions and turning back into
eastbound traffic at Coastal Highway and 45th Street, where she was
struck by an on-duty OCPD officer in a marked departmental vehicle. The
officer, who was traveling southbound, had the right-of-way, but was unable to
stop to avoid hitting the girl on the bicycle.

The initial
investigation revealed the bicyclist was in a crosswalk, but was crossing
against a traffic signal. The victim was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical
Center in Salisbury where she was treated for minor injuries sustained in the
collision. The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending, according to
police reports.

Meanwhile, the OCPD is
reminding all visitors and residents to be cautious on and around Coastal
Highway. Pedestrians are urged to use sidewalks and designated marked
crosswalks. Those riding bicycles and scooters are urged to ride in the bus
lane and obey all traffic laws including all lane markings, traffic signals and
stop signs.