The Globe To Unveil Patrick Henry’s New Collection

BERLIN – The Globe in
Berlin has announced the unveiling of seven new pieces of distinctive work by
artist Patrick Henry will be held on Thursday, Aug. 19 at 7 p.m.

Henry’s collection,
“Silver Screen Revisited”, will be on display downstairs in The Globe’s
restored movie theater dining room. The unveiling is open to the public and the
artist will be on hand to answer questions from attendees.

Henry expressed interest
in creating the project more than a year ago in order to help preserve the
history of the old Globe Theater, according to Jennifer Dawicki David, part
owner and general manager.

“Pat is so much a part
of the community and part of The Globe family, we are blessed to have him keep
company with us,” said David. “We value his friendship and for him to share his
talent with us again over the years is a pleasure and an honor. If you have had
a conversation with Pat, you know the effect he can have on you, however to be
surrounded by his work and to watch and feel how it effects people takes the
‘Patrick Henry Experience’ to a whole new level.”

whose gallery and private studio is located on Bay Street in Berlin, said this
new collection is a reflection of a long-time passion and a desire to give
visiting and local patrons of The Globe the opportunity to see some fresh,
quality paintings.

“I’m a
real history buff, and one night I was at The Globe having dinner in the main
room and appreciating the student artwork on display in the room,” Henry said.
“I thought it was great those youngsters could show off their works. … I got to
thinking later, with Berlin targeting itself as an arts destination, I feel
like we have been lacking of late in having high-quality works in places where
people would visit and could take home with them. So I embarked on these new

to Henry, his latest collection consists of seven large paintings, 30 inches by
40 inches in dimensions, of silver screen movie stars dating back to the 1930s
and 1940s. He said the paintings feature Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Gene
Harlow, Cary Grant, John Wayne, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe.

are in a publicity photo type of format, very dramatic and I just think it will
hopefully encourage other places to embrace art and encourage that marriage of
art and our environment around us,” Henry said. “It’s totally of my own
interest to do this, and it all came together really well and I’m really

said the pieces would be on display at The Globe for the foreseeable future.

pieces will really go well in that tremendous room. I am hoping it will bring
something to Berlin and The Globe and create some excitement,” Henry said. “I
have my private studio now that people have visited and these pieces catch them
off guard. That gives me a signal that it will create quite a bit of excitement
for all of us.”