Voices From the Readers

Voices From the Readers

Look Beyond Parties

Leslie Segall’s letter
(May 28) struck a familiar chord with me. Although I was never a registered
Republican, I was raised in a politically conservative family that supported
Nixon in 1960. The hard fought struggle for civil rights prompted me to
register as a Democrat and cast my first Presidential vote for Lyndon Johnson,
and I have voted for Democratic candidates ever since. Like Ms. Segall, I
support the Democratic commitment to “compassionate ideals.” And, like Ms.
Segall, I have great respect for Wayne Gilchrest.
Representative Gilchrest served the First Congressional District with
tremendous understanding of the issues and concerns facing his constituents.
When his defeat by ultra-conservative Andy Harris was followed by Gilchrest’s
endorsement and support of Frank Kratovil, I was impressed with the fact that
an elected official looked beyond general party affiliation in determining who
would best serve his district.

Frank Kratovil is the
same kind of public servant – he is fiscally responsible and understands the

unique circumstances that affect life on the Eastern Shore. According to www.govtrack.us, he has been present for all but 4 of 1145 votes.

A hardworking official, he has demonstrated leadership by sponsoring a number
of bills that other representatives agree to cosponsor. Sometimes Frank’s votes
do NOT satisfy his Democratic supporters, but he conscientiously works to serve
ALL the residents in his district, diligently researching the merits of every
I urge other citizens to look past party affiliation and to vote in the best
interest of the majority of people on the Eastern Shore. Frank has been
effective in working with other Maryland officials in promoting Eastern Shore
interests, and he has been endorsed by The League of Conservation Voters and

Ocean Champions. Let’s keep this representative in office.                          

Diana Gross
Ocean Pines

A Leadership Void


Governor O’Malley’s
words to the Stephen Decatur High School graduates, as reported in the local
papers, were right on the money! “The future is not a gift, it’s an
obligation”. Thanks to federal and state governments burying these graduates
and their future children in debt by spending money they haven’t even made yet,
our governments have ensured that their futures will be full of obligations.

The Founding Fathers,
men like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, had none of
the amazing resources and advantages available to them that are commonplace
today and yet, as endowed by their Creator, they brought forth this nation.
What a sad testament to our society that there is such a void in our leadership
today. Where is John Galt?

Gwen L. Cordner


A Memorable Week


I would like to commend
Ocean City officials for their planning and efforts at making Memorial Day week
one of tremendous success.

If this past week is a
sign of what summer will bring, I think it may be safe to say the economy is
well on its way to recovery. It was a pleasure to see the island jammed packed
with events of all kinds. The first weekend boasted the offshore powerboat
races and the following weekend had the OC Car and Truck Show, the Ravens
Parade, a large youth beach soccer tournament and the Ocean City Air Show.
There was certainly something for everyone. Mother Nature could not have
cooperated any better with a constant shining of the sun and temperatures well
into 80’s each day.

It has been many years
since I have seen the beach as crowded and the ocean filled with swimmers of
all ages. Taking into the account the oil disaster in the Gulf, I found myself
appreciating our beaches more than ever before and spent countless hours in the
water and watching the ever-present dolphins swim up and down the coast.

I was on such a natural
high from the events of the week, that I decided to step it up a notch and take
it even higher. I decided to conquer a goal of many years, or scratch an item
off the “bucket list” as may be more appropriate, as I did realize I was I bit
older than many of the Senior Week crowd. I went skydiving and enjoyed the
experience immensely. However, as shocking as it may sound, jumping out of a
plane from 14,000 feet will not be the most memorable event of the week.

On Saturday night at The
Angler, the one and only Stevie Wonder came in for dinner. After performing at
the White House, he decided to shoot on down Route 50 and visit Ocean City. I
never would have thought that I would be eating dinner in downtown Ocean City
with an icon such as Stevie Wonder.

It was an amazing,
fun-filled week and I am counting the days until my next visit to my home away
from home.

M. Scott Chismar

Lake View, N.Y. and
Ocean City