Voices From the Readers

Voices From the Readers

Commissioners Let Down Residents


On May 18, I attended
the public hearing held by the Worcester County Commissioners regarding a
barking dog ordinance. I had collected 27 signatures in support of this
ordinance by neighbors in our development.

As I spoke with them, we
all had hope for the first time that something might be accomplished to remedy
the constant barking of 5-8 dogs at one residence (this kennel practically sits
on my property line). On May 11, for instance, it began in earnest at 4 p.m.
and continued until 9:15 p.m.

I am the closest in
proximity and the one most affected, but the sound travels so that everyone
else hears it as well.  If you don’t think this effects your quality of
life, I invite you to spend a day at my house. Trust me, I’d much prefer the
sounds of a whip-poor-will or frog.
Others in attendance related their experiences leading to the support of this
ordinance with the commissioners also. To the four who voted against the
ordinance, must I remind you that you are not the Snow Hill commissioner, the
Ocean Pines commissioner, etc. You are Worcester
County Commissioners and represent all the people of our county who look to you
for relief and guidance of problems within our county, not just your district.
I hope Worcester County voters remember that on Election Day; I know I will.
Shirley Aydelotte

Why I’m A Democrat


At 21, I registered as a
Republican in Baltimore County. I worked for Agnew’s 1961 run for county
executive; joined the Young Republican organization; worked in the first two
Nixon campaigns (attended his first inaugural ball), and various local races in
Baltimore County and New Castle County, DE. Last year, I registered as a

Why did I become a
Democrat? This very gradual process started with VP Agnew’s corruption,
President Nixon’s Watergate criminal acts, and President Bush waging war
against Iraq.

Originally, I wasn’t
against the Iraq invasion, and I was proud of President Bush for his immediate
handling of the post September 11th catastrophe. Yet as the Iraq war went on
and on and there was no indisputable proof that the Iraqi government had any part
in 9/11 or that they had weapons of mass destruction, I began to despair. I did
not support the war for the purpose of making Iraq a democracy. I supported it
because my President made the case that Iraq was behind 9/11 and was developing
weapons of mass destruction.

Concerning social
issues, I’m all for people shouldering their responsibilities and feel
incredibly fortunate that I have always been able to do so even during some
very hard times. But even the most hardworking, decent people just can’t do it
alone during desperate times.

Since 1994, I’ve lived
on Delmarva full-time, and I’m closer to the contrast of poverty and substantial
wealth than I ever was in Baltimore County or Wilmington, Del. I want my fellow
Americans to have enough to eat; to heat their homes in winter; to get decent
healthcare; and to have unemployment compensation when they lose a job through
no fault of their own. I support the Democratic commitment to these
compassionate ideals.

The final push for
changing my registration came when conservative Andy Harris defeated moderate
Republican Wayne Gilchrest in the 2008 Republican primary. I supported and
admired Gilchrest, and the only reason I kept my Republican registration was to
vote for him in primaries. When he lost, I became a registered Democrat. It was
a long time coming, but the change has been satisfying.

Leslie Segall


Holiday Meaning


We have the most sacred
of veterans holidays, Memorial Day, coming up on Monday May 31. This is a
day set aside to honor those heroes that gave the ultimate sacrifice, their
lives, for their country. Last year I made it a point to drive around our area
to see who paid tribute to their memory by flying the flag correctly.

Unfortunately there were
businesses and even municipal buildings that did not observe proper flag
etiquette. I even observed a Veterans Memorial that did not have the flag at
halfmast. On this day the US flag should be at halfmast until noon, then raised
to full mast. Of course no other flag can fly higher than Old Glory for any

Please honor our
veterans that gave their life in combat so we can live this wonderful life that
we do in the greatest country in the world by flying the flag properly and
taking a minute to pause and reflect. If you cannot fly your flag at half mast
for reasons beyond your control, you can still show respect by placing your
hand on your heart when you pass it by. Enjoy this holiday weekend with the
beach and cookouts but keep these blessed souls in your heart.  

Nelson Kelly

West Fenwick

Involved To Keep

In Check


I’m a former Marxist
revolutionary that was indoctrinated by extreme radicals in the late seventies
in central California. For 30 years this has been my secret, but due to the
nature of things in this country today, it cannot be hidden any longer. It is
my adamant belief that there are hard core Progressives in our federal
government that are systematically collapsing our economy with the intent of
destroying capitalism and life as we know it.

This is not a conspiracy
theory nor is it exaggerated in any way. I know this because I was trained in
the same tactics and methodologies. Any Marxist trained “community organizer”
can tell you the same thing, not many of us will speak up. The term Marxist has
been replaced with Progressive because true Marxists wanted a violent
revolution to bring about abrupt change. Progressives require a long-term
strategy that will achieve the same ends with different means. To successfully
redistribute wealth in our country and globally, the following strategies must
be implemented.

Under the guise of
“social justice” the government must create so many entitlements that they
cannot possibly be financed. In the Progressive world this is commonly known as
the “Cloward and Piven” method that was devised in the sixties at Columbia
University. Once these entitlement programs are overloaded and collapse, they
will blame it on greed and Capitalism. At this point the government will claim
that they have the only solution and the private sector can no longer be
allowed to engage in any type of free market system. They will pit the wealthy
against the poor, the races against each other and States against States. As
they claim to be champions of free speech and diversity, they will silence free
speech opposition and use race as a wedge to keep people fighting amongst
themselves. They are the definition of hypocrites. Just look at what happens
when a conservative speaker tries to address the alumni at a liberal college.

“Ecological justice” is
another scam for income redistribution. The whole carbon tax system is designed
to collapse industrialized countries in order to benefit underdeveloped ones.
The CCX, or Chicago Climate Exchange is financed in part by the Joyce
Foundation that is in a sense a slush fund for leftist groups and people that
desire to stay anonymous. The current president of our country helped fund and
create the CCX when he was on the board of the Joyce Foundation by routing $1.1
million to it.

There’s also the fact
that everything controversial is being framed as a “civil rights” issue by
Congress and the administration. In truth the issues of today have nothing to
do with civil rights at all. Immigration is about the rule of law in our
society and sovereignty. Health care, banking and housing are all issues being
distorted into some kind of civil rights thing when they aren’t. It’s an
emotional ploy to distract you from their true agenda, collapsing Capitalism
and creating a global Socialist economy.

On the subject of church
and state, the left proclaims to be the defenders of secularism. Just this week
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi instructed churches to preach that
immigration reform or amnesty is gospel. What? Senator John Kerry is touting
“faith based” support of his agenda. Why is it that they use religion to
promote their Progressive agenda? Why isn’t the ACLU up in arms against this
new found religion by the left? I can tell you why, it’s because it’s part of
injecting emotional guilt trips onto the public for political gain. As a
Marxist revolutionary I personally infiltrated churches to promote “social
justice” and other deceptive ideas in order to get “faith based support” for
our agenda. It’s easy to corrupt people that are good at heart because they
don’t understand the nature of deception and greed.

I’m not crazy, nor
delusional. These things I know are true because I helped advance their agenda
back in my brainwashed teens. I was an anti-government anarchist hippie that
jumped on the Communist bandwagon because it was cool at the time. It was something
I’ve been ashamed of all my life and that’s why it was kept secret. Making
things right is my life’s mission. As a Constitutional conservative and adamant
patriot, I have pledged to put all else on hold during these critical times. We
must stand united to restore our country to its founding principles and unveil
the ugly truth about Progressives and their intent to circumvent the

Everything they have
done must be reversed and it may take generations.

It’s time to get off the
couch and get involved. There is no excuse for apathy or complacency. America
is in dire distress and you must defend her in November and forever always.

Thomas Cook

Dagsboro, Del.