Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Support For Drivers

In Spat With Council


As a longtime resident of Ocean City and a frequent user of a taxi to get around on our little slice of heaven on the Atlantic, I watched the contretemps between the Silly Council (also known as the “greedy bastards”) and a couple of the local cab companies (also known as some poor working stiffs) unfold.

The basic story, if I understand it correctly, was that one of the cab company owners (Christy) was in a bind and asked a fellow cab company owner (Ken) to help her out. What transpired between them violated no written laws, was not unethical (according to the city’s attorney) and showed that the cabbies, though in competition for the same fares, still looked out for each other.

Did I get the gist of this whole situation right?

But, the Silly Council, being as occupied with raking in the bucks as it is, got it’s collective nose out of joint because someone found a loophole in their rules big enough to (dare I say it?) drive a cab through.

 Despite having raked in $262,500.00 through the sale of the taxi ‘medallions’ (in reality they are comparable to the mini license plates adorned with a child’s name that you find on sale at all of your finer boardwalk t-shirt and junk emporiums) the Silly Council then got huffy because a ‘medallion’ was sold without their making even more money off of it.

The end result is that one of the miscreants in this whole sordid affair (oh, they have brought such shame to our fair city) was forced to relinquish his newly purchased ‘medallion’, his $1500.00 and his dignity by making a forced apology to those on the Silly Council with their noses out of joint. And some of that august tribunal are still not satisfied with all of those sacrifices. I fully expect to see the stocks on display in front of the Paul Revere Restaurant being moved to more prominent location on the boardwalk so the horrible cab company owners will get the justice they deserve (at least in the Silly Council’s mind).

This whole situation sounds like a really bad play written by a bunch of bored sixth graders.

Do our city leaders really expect us to accept that they were hoodwinked when they had just pulled in over $250K in pure profit?

Is the $375 (the city’s 25% cut of a medallion sale at full value) really going make that much of a difference to the city’s budget?

Or is this another case of the Silly Council wanting to flex its muscles by stomping on a small businessman?

Shame, shame, shame on you Silly Council for your actions. If you had any integrity you would return the medallion, as well as the money, to the purchaser (Ken) and write this whole deal off as a lesson learned. Instead of looking for blood, be glad this situation arose now instead of later in the season and be glad you received a heads-up now.

For my part, I will continue to utilize the terrible taxis and ride with pride as I enjoy the knowledge that I am helping the little guys make it in the big city.

I urge the readers of this fine journal to do the same.

Paul Toulotte

Ocean City

Volunteers Touched Heart


Every once in awhile you begin a friendship that you know will help you learn and grow to be a better person. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Coastal Hospice at the Ocean is grateful to have found a group of new friends who are as talented as they are gracious. Stephanie Meehan and the remarkable group of people who worked with her to create A Taste of Finer Things for the benefit of Coastal Hospice at the Ocean put on a wonderful party that will benefit our agency for many years to come.

Stephanie, Pam Buckley, Karen Cramer, Cathy Donovan, Marcia Hirsch, Marsha Howarth, Elaine Jacobs, Donna Leiner, Macky Stansell, Cole Taustin, Cheryl Taustin and Gayle Widdowson inspired chefs from half a dozen premier restaurants to serve their best entrees. The delicious food was paired with a selection of wines as well as a signature cocktail and desserts. These donations, along with a variety of donated auction items – from wine glasses to artwork – made for a fun evening and a powerful fund raising event for Coastal Hospice at the Ocean.

In the 30 years we have served Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore, Coastal Hospice has been fortunate to forge relationships that have made it possible for us to serve all of our patients, even those who lack the resources to pay. The volunteer committee responsible for A Taste of Finer Things will live forever in our hearts as true Friends of Coastal Hospice.

Alane Capen

Mac Peverley

(Capen is the president of Coastal Hospice at the Ocean, and Peverley is the board chairman.)