Alleged Knife Attack a Hoax

OCEAN CITY- A Pittsville woman last week was charged with making a false statement to police after allegedly concocting an elaborate story about a knife attack in Ocean City back in August.

Around 9:30 p.m. on August 26, Ocean City Police officers responded to the area of Old Landing Rd. in north Ocean City in reference to a report of a female victim being attacked by a man with a knife. OCPD officers arrived in the area and located the female victim, later identified as Alexis Marie Turcol, 18, of Pittsville.

Turcol told police she had just left a babysitting job and walking to her car, which was parked on Old Landing Rd. nearby. She told police just as she got to her car, she was attacked by an unidentified man wielding a knife. During the attack, the unidentified suspect forced the victim to go into a nearby marsh where he began assaulting her with the knife, Turcol told police.

The victim told police she fought the victim and was eventually able to escape. Turcol told police her unidentified attacker then fled west on Old Bridge Rd. toward the bay.

Because of the initial circumstances of the attack, as reported by the victim, Ocean City Police initiated an intense search of the area around Old Bridge Rd. in an effort to find the suspect and collect any evidence of the attack. OCPD detectives and the Forensic Services Unit also responded to the scene of the alleged attack to collect evidence.

However, due to various factors discovered during the initial investigation as well as certain inconsistencies in the victim’s statements, OCPD investigators began to believe some elements of the victim’s story were suspect. For example, OCPD personnel, including members of the K-9 unit and the Forensic Services unit were unable to locate any evidence of the victim’s alleged attacker. Investigators also noted a lack of any physical evidence at the scene, either at or near the victim’s car or the marsh area where she was allegedly led and later attacked.

During the subsequent investigation, OCPD detectives repeatedly questioned Turcol about the alleged incident. Turcol eventually admitted to police the alleged knife attack on Old Landing Rd. never took place and, in fact, was a false report.

Based on that information, Turcol has subsequently been charged with making a false report to police. An Ocean City District Court Commissioner has issued a criminal summons for the crime, although it is uncertain if she has been taken into custody yet.