Voices From the Readers

Voices From the Readers

Current Fiscal Mess Was Preventable


While watching the governor discussing all the major cuts in the budget yesterday, I started to wonder how much of this would have been needed had the Big Three (O’Malley, Miller and Busch) not played politics with the slots bill five years ago.

Just imagine how much extra money would have been in the state treasury had the slots been passed when they were initially introduced.

There were estimates that the slots would have added up to $500 million a year after they were up and running. The math is simple and it shows that the $475 million in cuts may not have been needed.

But instead we had the Big Three so afraid the sitting governor would have been given credit for slots that they did everything they could to block those bills. Now we are seeing just how much that hurt the state.

County governments will suffer, the health department will suffer and mostly the dedicated employees of the state will have to suffer.

Sometimes politics has to be put aside for the good of the state. Hopefully, the Big Three will learn at our expense that playing politics can hurt.

We just need to remember all this when the next election comes around and maybe we can teach them that playing politics can hurt when they are all sent packing.

Len Bender

Ocean City

Code Violations Exist

Elsewhere In Town


I just read your article about the carbon monoxide leak at the 10th Street and Boardwalk Americana Hotel. We were scheduled to stay there from Aug. 24-27, but they called us two days before our stay and offered us a refund or transfer to their sister hotel on 6th Street due to a maintenance problem they were having. Since they promised us the same amenities in the 6th Street location as the 10th Street location, we decided to transfer rather than cancel our vacation.

When we got there, not only were we not in a penthouse overlooking the ocean, we were stuck in their so-called "old building" behind the 6th Street and Boardwalk hotel.

I want to start out by saying the people we dealt with were very nice to us and did the best they could to keep us there without telling us why the 10th Street building was shut down but this hotel was deplorable. After going for something to eat and talking to local residents about the code violations on 10th Street, we went back and demanded our money back because there was no way the "old building" was up to code. Now, after verifying the hearsay with the facts from your story, I think this hotel should be checked for code violations.

We were so disgusted with this hotel that we were going to head back home and never visit Ocean City again and that’s saying something because it is our favorite place to be. Our first day we spent three hours looking for a hotel. Normally we’d be on the beach enjoying it instead of being stressed out wondering where we were going to stay.

Anyway, thanks to a great receptionist named Darrien at the Breakers Hotel going out of her way to get us settled in spur of the moment, we had a great stay at a wonderful hotel that we hope to be visiting as much as we can in the upcoming years. I know the Americana had more to worry about than two dissatisfied customers like us and I don’t want them to get in any more trouble but they should have been straightforward with us from the beginning. I hope I’m wrong and everything checks out okay but I highly doubt it. I wasn’t going to say anything but if I can prevent someone from getting sick, especially a child, I’ll know I did the right thing.

Mike Knipe

Ashland, Pa.

Time To Own Up


I was a young boy during World War II. In those days we were told to keep our mouth shut and our ears open. I did that and learned that during those times you didn’t hear much about Democrats and Republicans. It was all about Americans. Everyone was united to fight the real foes.

I’m convinced that if we had the divisiveness that we have now, we may have lost that war. Nothing could have been agreed on by the politicians and nothing would have gotten done. Just like now, they would all have been blaming everything on each other.

It’s a shame we can’t unite like we did then and make all the politicians responsible and not allow them to just blow us off by saying, "Its the other people’s fault".

Tom Boenzli

West Ocean City

Lame Arguments For

Government Health Care


I am so tired of the Obama cheerleaders endorsing government-controlled health care. The latest letter from a local partisan trying to convince her neighbors and friends to surrender their liberty and quality of life is based on the alleged fact that her health "insurance premium increased 12 ½ percent last week”. I wonder if her cable TV, her grocery bill, her car insurance, her life insurance premiums, the cost to put gas in her car, her property taxes, or any other bill has gone up recently.

So she suggests “competition” for the insurance companies as a solution to her rate increase; I have a feeling that she knows darn well that Obama’s plan (as he himself has stated) is no choice, no competition; it will be government-controlled health care only. But those facts are irrelevant, because the real purpose of her letter is simply to state “I haven’t seen the Republicans put anything on the table except let’s make Obama fail”.

Ms. Boenzli, it’s admirable that you feel that you “would like to see both parties sit down and work out a plan that would benefit everyone” but again I have a feeling that you know darn well that the Republicans have been totally shut out of the process by the Democrat majority. They have offerred dozens and dozens of amendments to give Americans choice, as well as to provide the competition that would bring down costs. They have also offered dozens and dozens amendments to guarantee that the American taxpayers don’t fund abortions or pay for health care to illegal aliens, but the democrat majority voted them down. They have sponsored amendments for tort reform – – a major drain on our health care system – – but again the Democrat party will have none of that. Yes, as you say Ms. Boenzli, “the special interest groups that throw around a lot of money” are exactly the reason why the Democrats ignore Tort reform.

And just as they ignore tort reform, the Democrats ignore nuclear energy, they ignore off-shore drilling, they ignore clean coal technology. And here’s why – – their biggest donors, such a General Electric (the owner of Obama news network – – MSNBC), stand to make a lot of money with the ‘green energy’ movement. General Electric is one of those “special interest groups that throw around a lot of money”, and like the lawyers opposing tort reform, they throw it at the Democrat party.

And as far as “… let’s make Obama fail”, it’s called “checks and balances”; it was devised by the founding fathers so that a president who is a threat to freedom and liberty would in fact fail.

This President’s advisers, confidants, friends, mentors and colleagues, include radicals, communists, marxists, revolutionaries, domestic terrorists, convicted criminals, America haters and racists; and those of that group who are “czars” do not have to answer to our elected officials, they do not have to answer to you or me. Even more alarming is that this President has stated he wants a civilian ‘army’ as large and as well funded as our military – – to defend him against whom? Republicans? Christians? Those of us who write letters to the editor? Who in America does he anticipate being at war with? The CIA? Walmart? “Angry mobs”of senior citizens?

This isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing. This is an American thing. Those of you who are patriotic Democrats, don’t be sucker punched by the partisans. Your party is temporarily lost to the radicals, loons, and America haters, but you can take it back.

Janet Rohe

Ocean City

Parking Policy Offends


(The following letter was addressed to the Ocean City Police Department with copies forward to all members of the Ocean City Mayor and Council and this newspaper.)

As a recent guest of your beach community, I was greatly offended by how you handle parking violations.

While visiting the Boardwalk, my family and I underestimated the time needed to return to our vehicle while parked in one of your lots. Although we were only minutes late, we promptly found a ticket on the windshield. Certainly not a pleasant return but one of our own making. The problem I have is the requirement to pay it within 48 hours or the fine increases. To a guest that comes across as unnecessary and offensive when considering they are there to get away from everyday stress only to be assaulted by such a policy. While parking enforcement is a necessary function, it can be handled in a way that you still collect your revenue without driving away future business. Anyone involved in public relations or with a good business sense can show you a better way.

As a past guest, recent guest and potential future guest, I am demanding the return of the $10 surcharge for not paying the fine within 48 hours. The initial $15 fine is my fault and responsibility and therefore I pay it without contention. However, if the surcharge is not returned to me I will not visit your community for pleasure or business ever again. There are other destination options and I am in control of making those selections.

I am including the Mayor and Council along with the Tourism Board in hopes that a business minded person resides there and understands the many thousands of dollars that will be lost to your community based on only one individual. I feel that I am doing you a great service by pointing this out as certainly many of your guests have come to the same conclusion.

Craig W. Pensinger

Clear Spring, Md.