Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

More On Ad Budget


As a follow-up to last week’s article, entitled “Resort Unfazed By Ad Critic” Infoworkz is providing a link (http://www.infoworkz.com/oceancity) for the newspaper readership about the original press release that led to your swift reporting.

It may interest others to learn the conclusion of the independent 70-page document about the town’s ad budget, in terms of: (a) an evident lack of a competitive branding identification, and (b) the more profitable "below-the-line" strategy is not being implemented, and therefore the budget is not being invested wisely, but spent needlessly. WBOC/16 also ran a segment on Monday’s 6 p.m. news, (during the announcement of the new ad campaign) about the constructive criticism in the internal study.

This information is being made known for the benefit of those who are concerned about the new business development and profitability of the town’s multi-million dollar ad budget. "Be aware, and get your money’s worth!"

David Termotto

(The writer is the new business strategist for Infoworkz,)

Support Appreciated


I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all of the people who came out on a “hurricane” like evening to support the 2nd Annual Suicide Prevention Comedy Night last month at Seacrets.

The generosity of Leighton Moore is amazing. Without his charitable spirit, local organizations like ours would have a much more difficult challenge. That kindness and help extends to the IRIE radio station 98.1 FM and especially Rude Awakening Show personalities Bulldog and The Dude. Local comic, Dave the fruit guy, did an exceptional job promoting and hosting this event. This event could not occur without them.

In addition to the helpful people at Seacrets, the Quality Inn at 14th Street and the Harrison Group generously assisted us with lodging. We would be remiss not to mention Arctic Heating and Air and Action Island Imprinters who assisted with and sponsored the special event T-shirts.

As suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth 15-19 years old, the mission we have at the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program educating and empowering our youth to know how to get help if they or a friend needs help is a daunting task. The support of our community continues to touch me deeply and make our job just a little easier. I look forward to helping suicide prevention awareness grow in this community and our surrounding areas.

Again, thank you to all who extend their support.

Kelley Green


(The writer is the co-founder and executive director of the DelMarVa Chapter of the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program.)

Del. Ruins Tradition


I am writing to express my total disgust with the Delaware Business Service Office for state parks regarding their recent decision to take a 19-year-old tradition and just toss it to the seagulls like someone’s half eaten, sandy sandwich.

Kim’s Beach Service was a place, not only to grab a hotdog, but to gather with friends and family. Friends that you haven’t seen since the summer before, but knew when they returned, you would still be there. It was a safe haven where families of all generations could hang out and feel secure. You weren’t afraid to let your children wander off a little because they knew right where Kim Allison’s stand was and knew everyone there. 

It was a comfort zone, where you could go and find a familiar face. A face that was thoughtful enough to ask about your sick mom or your kid’s school year. Kim’s smiling face. It is a face that we will not be seeing this year thanks to the Business Service Office caring more about the bottom dollar than an actual upstanding citizen of our community with many years of experience. Kim has worked tirelessly year after year to serve the Fenwick beach area only to be shut down by someone who has no clue as to how much she has positively impacted our community.

It saddens us to know that the tiny, little beach stand that has served thousands for years will not be a part of our summer. "Hey, Delaware Business Service Office, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Sherry Brannon

Selbyville, Del.

Thumbs Up To AGH


Recently, it was necessary for me to go to the emergency room at Atlantic General Hospital. I was seen immediately, treated promptly and admitted as an in-patient.

During my three-day stay at the hospital, I received the finest of care from all levels of staff, from technicians, nurses, doctors and all others. They were caring, professional and knowledgeable. The hospital itself is well designed and appointed and all of my needs were quickly addressed.

Expert and thorough follow up has been received since my discharge from the hospital. We are very fortunate to have Atlantic General as our hospital. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful care that was given to me.

Helen Curley

Ocean Pines

Caution Urged In

Berlin Community


We live on the corner of Ann Drive and Esham Avenue in Berlin. We feel that we speak on behalf of every parent in our neighborhood when we ask: Will our residents and visitors please stop at the four-way stop signs?

On a daily basis, we witness cars going through the stop signs without stopping. We have 50 or more children that live in Franklin Knolls, Franklin Heights and Henry’s Green. This does not include friends and young guests that play in our neighborhood daily. We believe our neighborhood parents are responsible and teach their kids about safety. However, we are talking about young children that may have a brief memory lapse every so often.

It will only take a second for an innocent child to suffer severe consequences because of a motorist not obeying the law. This is a great neighborhood to raise children. It is exciting to see our youth enjoying the outdoors and playing together. Once again, please take your time, stop at the stop signs and watch out for our children.

Tim and Jamie Jones


GOP’s Lost Ways


Since the election, the GOP has been racking their brains asking what did we do wrong. The main theory seems to be: “We Lost Our Way.” So I have a few theories of my own about how they lost it.

How the Republicans lost their way:
1. False belief that their way is the only way even when it’s proven not to
2. False belief that free markets will take care of everything and everyone.
3. False belief that if one works hard, they’ll earn enough to feed and
clothe their families.

4. False belief that U.S. has best healthcare in world, when we rank No. 26 in the industrialized world.

5. False belief that everyone should be responsible for themselves.
6. Being more interested in personal gain than being a servant of the electorate.
7. Refusal to change their diehard beliefs of tax cuts and poor economic theories.

For Priscilla Rakestraw to say that, "We became just like the Democrats in terms of spending, as well as on personal and political ethics," as a reason for losing just shows how the GOP can’t accept its own failures. The

problem isn’t that you did not get your message out. You got it out and it was rejected at the polls. The message is always about helping business and cutting taxes for the well off. All meaningless words for the poor and hungry.

When will you see that we all must care for the elderly, the widows, the downtrodden and the children, as any civilized country should and as required by the religions of the world. What happened to the Golden Rule?

Maybe the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do to you) could be the next GOP mantra
Alice Hanke

Milton, Del.

Sidewalk History


I read with interest the article in your May 1 edition regarding imminent sidewalk repairs in Berlin, and would like to contribute background information on a short stretch of sidewalk on Gay Street.

Early in the 1900’s, my maternal grandparents, Abe and Bessie Hollins, purchased the home at 19 Gay Street and lived there with their four children until approximately 1922. At some time in the decade between 1910 and 1920, my grandfather had installed, at his expense, the sidewalk in front of that property. My mother remembered learning to roller skate on that short stretch of sidewalk.

To the best of my knowledge, that sidewalk was never extended in either direction by the town of Berlin, perhaps because the city had not put in that isolated section, as it had been contracted privately.

Some things do have an explanation.
Iris Purcell
Surprise, Ariz.