A Week in Business

A Week in Business

New Employee Hired

SELBYVILLE, Del. – KitesTailsToys.com is putting some teeth into its 2009 marketing and promotion plans with the hiring of Tom Lloyd as the Selbyville, Del. firm’s new creative director.

Lloyd, the former publisher and owner of both Oceana and Cablechannels Magazines in Ocean City, has extensive experience in print and electronic advertising.

According to KitesTailsToys.com’s top dog, Stu Eisenman, Lloyd’s bulldog-like tenacity will enable him to take on a variety of roles for the growing online toy company.

“I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this opportunity,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd’s primary mission, according to Eisenman, will be to assist in enhancing the company’s we presence, provide regular press and trade updates, further develop the firm’s affiliate marketing program, organize and promote the company’s “Top Ten Consumer Choice Awards” while developing new video segments for online promotions.

Lloyd joins Eisenman, William Spraul, Amy Tarr, Sarah Delaney, Carolyn Dypsky, Scott Magee and Davon Matthews at the KitesTailsToys.com main office.