Voices From the Readers

Voices From the Readers

A Good Deed Recognized


The Eastern Shore is a wonderful, friendly place to live and visit, isn’t it? I used to think so, but I had to be reminded again this year.

I was checking out at the Super Fresh grocery store in White Marlin Mall when I realized that I no longer had my wallet in my purse. I had been shopping in the crowded aisles with my purse sitting open in the child’s seat. My wallet wasn’t there no matter how hard I searched. Before retracing my steps through the busy store, I checked my car in the parking lot. No wallet.

Walking dejectedly back to the store where my cart waited with a month’s worth of melting groceries, I reflected on how things had changed. The license plates in the parking lot were from many different states. I thought to myself, this isn’t the Eastern Shore any more. More and more strangers are bringing bad habits with them.

Inside the supermarket, I heard my name on the loudspeaker. Someone had found my wallet in the parking lot and turned it in at Mione’s Pizza near the highway. Apparently, it didn’t belong to anyone in the pizzeria, so proprietress Angie Mione took the extra step. She called the grocery store, and maybe more places for all I know.

Sheepishly, I claimed the wallet. The bustling dark-eyed Angie checked my face against the ID in my wallet and introduced me to the nice Hispanic family who had turned it in. Smiling and nodding they refused a reward.

I was wrong in my thoughts about the people who come here and I am sorry about that. Angie and her customers are among the nicest people around and I am happy to have met them. The pizza was good too. Please wish Angie a Merry Christmas for me next time you see her.

Anne Marie Chavez

Greenbackville, Va.

No More Debt Now


Let us try to reduce spending with the economy in such bad shape. They expect one million people to be unemployed next year. Let’s forget about the art center and expansion of the Convention Center until things improve. 

The only one it seems with good sense is Jim Hall. Why should just a hand full of officials in Ocean City drag us into so much debt at this time? Please use good sense and hold off for now.

Joseph Marx Sr.

Ocean City

Support Appreciated


Taylor Bank recently raised $3,200 in cash donations and other items from employees and customers to benefit the Zentmyer family.

The Zentmyer’s recently lost a young child when their Willards home was destroyed by a fire. Donations are still being accepted on behalf of the Zentmyer Family Fire Relief Fund, at any Taylor Bank branch, and the bank wishes to thank everyone who contributed to such a worthy cause.

Taylor Bank


Thanks For Donations


On behalf of the Stephen Decatur Band and Color Guard and the Band Boosters, we’d like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their support:

Taylor Bank, First Shore Federal, Coates, Coates & Coates, Planet Maze, Sea Maidens, Peninsula Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Sand Dollar Management, Marshall Auction Marketing, Ried Investments, Shirley Tull, Charles & Ruby Morris, Scott Hooper, Ken Hooper, Jamie Harman, Judy & Howard Ellis, Harley & Wanda Tull, Winona Ashcraft, Essie Bryant, Luther & Libby Mears, Brent & Shirley Mears, Billy & Margaret Belote, Robert & Carolyn Hagan, Jim & Vickie Smith, Heleen & Joey Astasauskas, Mr. & Mrs. John Delawder, Terry & Mary Ellen Wise, James & Phyllis Rau, Esther Delawder, Mitchell Cooper, Howard & Barbara LeBrun, Clifford & Jean Cooper, Cindy Hare, Earlene Workman, Patricia Cox, May Brightwell, Christy & John Runge, Luther & Shelly Wells, Bonnie & Roy O’Neill, Sue & Boom Buchanan, James & Mary Beth Runge, Deborah Moses, Charles & Susan McCleary, Thomas & Deborah Shuster, Nancy Baxter, William & Julianne Forsythe, Jerome & Suzanne Shuster, John & Joanne Gillespie, Florence Dennis, Michael Astarb, John & Beverly Cossentino, Lee & Whitney Riley, Catherine Clegg, Denny & Karen Lewis, Susan Karson, Happy & Ken Riley, Rachel & David Grandea, Joe & Sherry O’Neil, Theresa & Randy Boerst, Jean O’Neill, Ann & Charles Woodland, Beth & Steve Ladd, Jarrett & Nikki Townsend, Norma & Ken Wilson, Kimberly & Richard Davidson, Gretchen & Will Spraul, Jo-Ann Rasmussen, Richard Miller, Janet Holloway-Smith, Dorothy Eisenman, Fay & Dennis Lee, Ross Eisenman, Paul & Patricia Miller and Al & Lyn Tanenholtz.

Our students had a great parade and game season thanks to your support and enthusiasm. Your caring and generosity has meant a lot to our students.

Pat Delawder

Susanna Eisenman

(The writers are the Stephen Decatur Band Boosters president and treasurer, respectively.)

Gratitude For Help


This letter is to recognize each of our contributors and express our deepest gratitude for the help and support you have provided to us this year at Diakonia. At a time when there seems to be so much uncertainty in the daily news and the economic conditions are tough for many, the outpouring of support we have received has been heartwarming. It is inspiring that members of our community still gather their resources of time, food, money, goods and services to share with those in need. I would like to take a moment to offer my deepest gratitude to each individual, group, business and civic organization that gives so freely to help Diakonia offer hope to the families and individuals that arrive daily at our door.

People often ask me what Diakonia is, what it does, and how it does what it does. Diakonia is an organization in our community that helps those in need. Diakonia is dedicated to building a foundation for those in crisis to maintain a lifestyle without homelessness while providing security, stability and enhancing the quality of life. It is a vehicle through which our community shows their ability to unconditionally provide for one another. Diakonia is able to do what it does because of our gracious and caring community that is made up of kind and generous people like you.

So at this time of year when all of our thoughts turn to family, friends and celebration, I would like to offer my sincere thanks and wishes to all of you, for a joyous and safe Holiday and a happy and blessed New Year.

Diakonia Inc. is the only provider of comprehensive emergency and transitional housing for men, women and families on the lower eastern shore of Maryland, and is recognized as an exceptional partner in the creation of affordable housing by the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust.

Claudia Nagle

Executive Director

Diakonia Inc.