Friday, October 17–OCPD Mount “Buddy” Mourned

OCEAN CITY – The Ocean City Police Department and the local community this week are mourning the loss of long-time OCPD Mounted Patrol horse “Buddy,” who was put to rest last week one month after retiring from 16 years of service to the resort.

OCPD officials this week announced “Buddy” had to be put down last Monday, Oct. 6, after sustaining an injury to his right rear leg that was deemed inoperable.

Over the years, “Buddy” was involved in hundreds of arrests as well as crowd control situations, searches for lost children, public events, demonstrations and parades.

Because of his friendly demeanor and dependability, “Buddy” was regularly used as the primary training horse for new mounted patrol officers. His vast experience also made him a regular choice for high-profile events such as President William Jefferson Clinton’s second inaugural parade in Washington, D.C. in January 1997.

Upon his retirement last month, OCPD Chief Bernadette DiPino promoted “Buddy” to the rank of sergeant. He is believed to have been about 27 years old.

“Buddy” spent his brief retirement, and remaining days, in a safe and tranquil environment at a nearby farm where he was cared for by his police family and enjoyed lush green pastures in a safe and peaceful setting.

According to an OCPD statement, “he will be greatly missed, not only by the members of the Ocean City Police Department, but also by the citizens that knew him well. His friendly demeanor and his hard work will be forever remembered.”