Retirement Policy Approved

OCEAN CITY – Employees of the town will be formally recognized upon retirement, after the approval of a policy this week that aims to formally thank employees for their years of hard work and dedication to the town.

Human Resources Director Roger Weseman presented the policy to the Mayor and City Council this week, explaining that while individual departments within the town typically recognize retiring employees, there is no unified, formal process.

In an effort to create a formalized process, the Human Resources Department underwent a recent survey, taking a look at how other organizations show appreciation to their employees.

“We found that it ranged from none to some of the steps in this proposal,” said Weseman.

The proposal calls for formal recognition of retiring employees, with the intent to, “provide an appropriate level of recognition and appreciation to retiring employees for their years of loyal and dedicated service to the town.”

Eligible employees must be full-time, general or public safety employees of the town who have completed 10 or more years of service. Eligible employees must also meet the requirements of their respective pension plans.

The recognition will include a formal Recognition Ceremony, before the Mayor and City Council at a work session. A Proclamation of Services Rendered will be read into the record and presented to the employee. Weseman also suggested having the mayor present a symbolic key to the city to the retiring employee, as a sign of appreciation.

“Is a key to the city a right vehicle for this,” questioned Council member Jim Hall, suggesting a different form of recognition be used in lieu of the key to the city. Weseman agreed to change the language of the proposal, to include a different form of recognition.

A photo and write up of the recognition ceremony will also be available, to be submitted to the media and to be included in the employee newsletter.

If interested in formal recognition, candidates will notify the City Clerk and the Human Resources Department 60 days in advance of the intended retirement date. Employees will also reserve the right to not be formally recognized.

Weseman noted that while the town will recognize the retiring employee before the Mayor and Council, the formal recognition would not preclude other co-worker recognition efforts.

The council unanimously approved the proposal with Council member Lloyd Martin absent.