Marlin Club’s 4th Kids’ Classic One for the Record Books

OCEAN CITY- The 4th Annual Kids’ Classic fishing tournament sponsored last weekend by the Ocean City Marlin Club was a huge success with over 300 young anglers raising $4,000 for the Wish-A-Fish program.

Throughout the summer, the big boys and girls get to show off their fishing skills with a different tournament practically every weekend, but the focus on last weekend’s 4th Annual Kids’ Classic was clearly on the young anglers. If the turnout for the event was any indication, interest in offshore and inshore fishing will not wane for generations to come.

A total of 327 young anglers participated in last weekend’s event and just about everyone caught a fish or shared in the festivities. The tournament is open to all anglers age 19 or younger and took place in the waters in and around the resort area from the back bays to the ocean. With several categories both inshore and offshore, there were opportunities for all anglers to get on the leader board from white marlin to croaker.

Taking first place in the billfish category with four points was the team of young anglers on the “Pumpin’ Hard” with four total points. The crew aboard the “Cyntinory” also collected four total points in the division, but the “Pumpin’ Hard” took first place based on time. The “Reel Joy” took third place in the billfish release division with two points.

In the tuna division, angler Austin Brittingham fishing aboard the “Tripple Threat” took first place with an 81-pounder, while Matt Nauman aboard the “Endeavor” came in second with a 59-pounder. Angler Tristan Drenner aboard the “Drillin & Billin” took first place in the dolphin division with a 28-pounder, while Jesse Bennett on the “Just Reel Ax” took second with a 25-pounder and Jimmy Jannuzzio on the “Tuna Bite” took third with a 23-pound dolphin. Mike Brittingham on the “Tripple Threat” took first place in the wahoo division with a 36-pounder fish.

The inshore divisions placed out in practically every category. For example, angler Allen Cheriotoh took first place in the sea bass division with a 2.6-pounder, while Julian Eienser took both second and third place with a 2.4-pound sea bass and a two-pounder.

In the bluefish division, angler Benjamin Waller on the “On Shore” took first place with a three-pounder, while Caroline Kennington on the “Squidnation” took second with a two-pounder. Kennington placed in two other inshore divisions. Will Tinkler on the “Get Sum” took third place in the bluefish division with a 1.4-pounder.

The Good brothers, Noah and Jake, fishing aboard the “Good-Four-Pop” were all over the other inshore divisions. For example, Noah Good took first place in the tog division with a 3.6-pounder, while Jake Good took third with a 2.4-pounder. Brad Regan aboard the “Me Gusta Pescar” took second place in the tog division with a three-pounder.

In the flounder division, it was Noah Good taking first place with a 6.8-pounder, while Sean Hemphill on the “Morning Star” took first place with a six-pounder and Caroline Kennington on the “Squidnation” took third with a 5.6-pounder. Brad Regan on the “Me Gusta Pescar” took first place in the rockfish division with a 13-pounder.

In the spot division, it was Noah Good taking first place with a .4 pounder and Jake Good taking second place in the division with a .2 pounder. Jake Good, Noah Good and Donovan Spall, fishing aboard the “Miss Kris Chelle,” shared third place. Finally, in the croaker division, it was Caroline Kennington taking first place.

A total of 327 anglers participated in the 4th Annual Kids’ Classic last weekend, up from about 200 last year. Many of the participants fished on the headboat “Judith M” including children sponsored by the Wish-A-Fish Foundation, a national program that provides opportunities for kids with special needs, whether they are suffering from a life-threatening illness or suffer from long-term disability, to enjoy a day on the water catching fish. Proceeds from last weekend’s tournament, totaling about $4,000, were donated back to the Wish-A-Fish Foundation.