Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Is Ethnicity Relevant In Recent Incidents?


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I, too, am disgusted by the incidents which Craig Schamburg described in his letter to the editor dated July 18 and entitled ‘Disgusted by Disrespect.’ I hate seeing people litter on the beach, people parking illegally, and would be repulsed by females switching out soiled feminine products in a public space. I am curious, however as to why Mr. Schamburg felt it was necessary to note that all of these separate acts were perpetrated by Hispanics. Why is that relevant? What end does it serve?

Is seems that in sharing these disturbing acts with us, Mr. Schamburg seeks to malign Hispanics as a whole. We have seen enough of this throughout history. Read the letter again, but this time substitute the word Hispanic for Jew, black, Irish, or any other group that is or has been the ‘cultural whipping boy of the day.’ You can use a few of Mr. Schamburg’s statements below.

— “They [Hispanics] just walked away, leaving large food trays, paper plates, soda cans, etc.”

— “It looked liked we were being invaded with car after car filled with Hispanics looking for parking spaces.” “We saw five cars not pay for parking, which is no problem for them [Hispanics] as they [Hispanics] may be illegal so a ticket means nothing.” “I pay taxes and obey the law so I have to pay for parking while people [Hispanics] who are in this country illegally (criminals) get off scott free.”

— “A Hispanic woman was standing on the sidewalk directly across from the restaurant. The next thing we know is a used female hygiene product fell to the ground. This is how animals [Hispanics] live…”

Watch where these dehumanizing sentiments take our country as more and more people subscribe to these negative stereotypes and as politicians begin using them to garner votes. Is this the direction we want to go?

Like Mr. Schamburg, I love Ocean City and believe that everyone who visits should be respectful. But sadly, there also have been times in which my family and I have witnessed some disgusting things. We too have seen a family leave a pile of trash on the beach … except this family was white. During Junebug Week, we witnessed a white boy slapping around a white girl on the beach.

My question is this. How should I judge the things my family and I saw on the beach that day? Should I assume these things happened because the people who did them were white or was it because they were just jerks? Likewise, did the incidents which Mr. Schamburg and his wife witnessed happen because the characters were Hispanic? The answer you pick matters.

Edward Reid


What’s Fair Is Fair


(The following letter was addressed to the Ocean City Mayor and City Council and a copy sent to this publication.)

My mom (Margaret Sas) gave of herself in so many ways to our town. She served in many capacities including the Caine Woods Community Association as Secretary and Board of Director for over 13 years and the Ocean City Police Department as a reserve officer for over seven years of which she was named the first Reserve Officer of the Year in 1999. My mom had double hip and shoulder replacements and one knee replacement and yet directed traffic at Sunfest and Springfest in the heat or rain and Winterfest in the freezing cold and snow for five to eight hours at a time for no pay. She also did tailoring of the officer’s uniforms for free, worked at various jobs within the OCPD administration, worked traffic details at many other parades and special events and raised thousands of dollars for the Mounted Unit. My mother had a love of community and dedicated her life to community service.

The day of my mom’s memorial service it was mentioned that things were in the works to name the Fiesta Park pavilion after my mom. When I heard this, I was surprised and looked over at Chief Bernadette DiPino and Delegate Jim Mathias and both smiled and shook their heads yes. Later in my mom’s service, Mayor Rick Meehan agreed that it was a great idea to do so. After the service, Councilmen Jay Hancock and Lloyd Martin also assured me that naming the pavilion after my mom was in the works.

Recently, the Recs and Park Committee, which consisted of Tom Shuster, Council President Joe Mitrecic, Councilmen Lloyd Martin and Jim Hall and others voted not to name the Fiesta Park pavilion in memory of my mom. There was an article in the paper shortly after the Fiesta Park pavilion was complete where Mr. Shuster stated that a resident has asked that the gazebo and pavilion be named in honor of a neighborhood resident, but the committee felt that city facilities should remain free of memorial plaques and titles. Mitrecic was then quoted as saying “if we start naming public amenities for citizens, we’re going to run out of public facilities long before we run out of deserving citizens”.

Well, according to an article in last week’s Worcester County Times, the council has obviously changed its minds on not naming city parks and property after citizens. In the article, Mayor Meehan commented that “everyone has to have a legacy” as he unveiled the “Shuster Dog Park” sign named after the current Ocean City-paid employee and Recreation and Parks Director Tom Shuster.

Who should “have a legacy” by having a pavilion named after them more than a volunteer who gave of her heart, sweat and tears for this city for no pay and had the full agreement of the Caine Woods community as well and many other groups and citizens for the council to do so?

Since the Mayor and Council have obviously changed their minds about naming city facilities after citizens, I ask you to reconsider naming the pavilion at Fiesta Park after my mother, Margaret Sas.

Tonja Sas

Ocean City

Narrow-minded views


This past week’s letters are a good example of the short sightedness that has gotten us into the trouble we are in here in the U.S.

One writer wants to drill for more oil, even though it won’t hit the refineries for seven to 10 years, and then will be sold to the highest bidder, not necessarily the U.S.

We have already wasted a couple decades that should have been spent getting off our addiction to oil. We need to start producing clean energy as soon as possible, not put more untold billions into a habit that is going to continue to destroy the planet.

Then there is the Mayor and city council rejecting a clean energy proposal because you might see a few dots on the horizon on the clearest days. Wake up and show some responsibility guys.

Daniel R. Heinecke

OC Has Leash Law


We want to remind dog owners that Ocean City has a leash law.

That simply means that when your dog is off your private property it must be on a leash. This law has been violated many times.

Recently at Walkers Pond, in Montego Bay, a huge dog rushed full blast into a lady knocking her down and frightening her and her leashed dog. In another case, a dog rushed across Clam Shell Drive, in Montego Bay, badly scaring a lady and her leashed dog.

Pet owners have a right to have a dog and a responsibility to obey the law by leashing it and cleaning up after it. We suggest that you call Animal Control at 410-723-6649 if you see a violation of the leash law. If you want your dog to run free, go to Shuster Dog Park at 94th Street.

John E. McDermott

Ann McDermott

Ocean City

Company Lauded


We at Diakonia Inc. wish to publicly thank Toll Brothers and sales manager Lazarus Zaroglannis for hosting a reception in the beautiful clubhouse of Bayside at Ocean City for our benefit. Also thanks to Diakonia board member Mary Smith, who approached Toll Brothers with the idea.

We used this opportunity to introduce the Board of Directors, executive director and the staff of Diakonia to Ocean City, Berlin and Worcester County officials as well as members of the clergy on June 26. We were pleased with the results and are planning a week-long open house at Diakonia in the fall. The date is to be announced.

Diakonia Inc. is the only provider of comprehensive emergency and transitional housing for men, women and families on the lower eastern shore of Maryland, and is recognized as an exceptional partner in the creation of affordable housing by the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust.

Without our donors, it would be impossible to give hope to so many people. Thanks again.

Claudia Nagle


(The writer is the executive director of Diakonia Inc.)

County’s ‘Village’ Deserves Applause


I was compelled to write this letter after reading a recent article in your paper discussing the enormous success and quality of education provided by the leadership of the Worcester County Board of Education. Your article reported the notably high test scores which our county students earned in the latest round of required state testing. As a school volunteer and parent of three daughters who reap the benefits of a fine Worcester County Public School education, I believe that there is no secret to the successes of our students. This county is the epitome of the "village" concept, which is so often mentioned as an essential ingredient in raising happy, educated, well rounded children.

This is a letter of thanks to the village. To our superintendent, Dr. Andes, who’s exceptional leadership sets in place a very high standard of education for our children. Many thanks to the active parent volunteers who participate in their children’s education, to our local town councils who participate and support school programs, to the local charitable organizations who lend financial support to our academic awards, sports programs and safety and prevention programs like After Prom, to all of our local businesses who donate their resources and support to our schools. Last but not least a world of gratitude goes to the local fire department and law enforcement organizations who make our children’s safety a priority. (An example of this rare "hands-on" approach for keeping our children safe was displayed during this years Stephen Decatur After Prom, with the presence of Sgt. Dale Smack and other members of the Worcester County Sheriffs Dept. and members of the Berlin Fire Department, on site during the late-night celebration activities.)

I often wonder if there is another county in the state that comes close to exemplifying the "Village" concept. I certainly know why we live where we live.

Patti Miller

Ocean City

Stop The Solicitations


Have you ever thought about the huge waste in unsolicited phone calls and US Mail that we get daily, and even hourly? Not to mention the constant annoyance to us all, including the house cat or dog or canary. So, why should we put up with this non-sense without a fight? Here are a couple of thoughts:

We are all on overload with an average of five-plus unsolicited requests for funds on a daily basis via US Mail. Whether educational, charitable, religious, military, political or even wanting a chunk of our estate, on and on and on they come. And if we do respond with a donation we are forever locked into a lifetime of solicitation misery. How about trying this? Return all mail in the return envelope, ask to be dropped from their list, and, if lucky, it will be post paid. If not, a 42-cent stamp or two is chump-change. It may work.

Not to mention the 10 to 15 unsolicited phone calls per day following up on a request for contributions or asking for a purchase of some type. The latter can be auto insurance, health insurance, credit cards, mortgage refinances, and even a crack at my orphan’s estate. Try this approach: turn your telephone volume recorder to zero or off and at least you won’t hear the incessant ringing.

You can then sort them out when you get home. And one more approach for telemarketers is to call the FTC number, 888-382-1222, and leave your own phone number. It is supposed to end these calls.

Won’t it be nice to have some peace and quiet in our homes once more? And can you imagine all the trees and energy and postage saved in the process? No matter, if we can’t kill the king, let’s at least do away with the messenger.

Ray Sawyer

Ocean City