Mayor, Ambulance Involved In Crash

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan was among those involved in a four-car crash on Coastal Highway on
Tuesday morning that also included an ambulance carrying a patient, a county Liquor
Control Board (LCB) van and a tourist’s vehicle.

Around 11:30 a.m. on
Tuesday, an Ocean City Fire/EMS ambulance carrying a patient bound for AGH was

attempting to negotiate through heavy mid-day traffic on Coastal Highway in the area of Dolphin Street when

it collided with an LCB van stopped at a traffic signal. The LCB van was forced
forward into the back of Meehan’s vehicle, which, in turn, ran into another

A second ambulance was
brought to the scene to transport the original patient to AGH as well as the
LCB driver injured in the crash. No serious injuries were reported, although
the mayor said yesterday he was still feeling some soreness.

“Let everybody know I’m
alive and well and not the worse for wear other than a little soreness,” said

Meehan recounted the
events that led to the four-car collision.

“I was sitting at the
light and I heard the sirens and saw the ambulance in my rear view mirror and
saw them trying to maneuver in traffic,” he said. “I was in the far left lane
so there wasn’t much I could do, but I was trying to nudge closer to the
median, which is flat there for pedestrian crossings.”

The mayor said despite
the best effort of everybody involved, the accident was not avoided.

“Everybody was trying to
do the right thing, but it didn’t help,” he said. “It was just that – an
accident – and I’m glad it wasn’t worse for everybody involved.”