Berlin All-Stars Bow Out of Districts

BERLIN- Berlin Little League’s last hope for a district championship was closed out on Monday when the Major League team fell to visiting Fruitland, 9-6, in the semifinals.

Berlin cruised through the early rounds, beating Pocomoke, 14-0, and Princess Anne, 12-2, to reach the district semifinals, but their run ended with the loss to Fruitland on Monday. Berlin scored first to take an early lead, but Fruitland came back with a six-run third inning to take a 7-1 lead. Berlin never quit, however, and continued to peck away at the Fruitland lead through the middle innings.

After a three-run homer by Berlin’s Aaron Myers cut the lead to just three at 8-5, each team added single runs in the late innings to close it out at 9-6 as Fruitland advanced to the district finals. The loss by Berlin’s major league team in the district followed a similar trend for the local program in All-Star play.

Berlin’s 9-10 team also cruised through its early rounds, beating Princess Anne, Fruitland and East Wicomico to reach its semifinal game, but fell to Delmar, 7-4, last Sunday in the semifinals. Berlin’s Junior League team fell to Delmar, 16-5, last Saturday in the semifinals, while the 11-year-old All-Stars bowed out with a loss to Fruitland, 2-0, last Monday.