Election Day Will End Bambary’s Era In Berlin

BERLIN – Berlin Administraive Director Linda Bambary will retire from her post in October.

“I’ve enjoyed every moment of working with Berlin,” said Bambary this week. “It’s been a joy and a pleasure.”

Bambary began her career in Berlin in fall 2000.

“I started on election day of 2000 and as corny as it may sound, I’m ending it on election day in 2008,” Bambary said.

Before her career brought her to Berlin, Bambary spent 12 years working for the government of Princess Anne, Md. and about 15 years before that in banking and construction management.

“In my tenure in city government, I’ve done a little bit of everything,” said Bambary. “I probably enjoyed the construction management projects the most. They were always challenging but the end product was the reward.”

The greatest reward in her career, Bambary said, is the people she met.

“I do mean that sincerely,” she said. “It makes me sad to know I won’t have contact with a lot of these folks.”

After working on some intense projects, Bambary said she is a little tired and thinks the town needs someone with energy and fire to come in and handle the major work of the years to come, like the expanded wastewater plant.

Bambary plans to travel with her husband, who will retire from the Maryland State Police this summer, and spend some time in the southwest.

Other than that, Bambary has no specific plans.

“I’m looking forward to waking up when I want and doing what I want,” she said.

Interim Mayor Gee William said he will miss working with Bambary.

“I’m personally sorry she’s going to be leaving in the fall because I think she’s provided outstanding service to the town in her tenure as administrative director,” said Williams.

Berlin has undergone a lot of changes during Bambary’s eight years with the town.

“Linda’s provided experience and steady leadership at town hall during uncertain times,” Williams said.

Bambary’s behind the scenes role means few citizens will truly understand the impact she has had on Berlin, Williams said.

As both a member of the Berlin Council and now as interim mayor, Williams said he has had a professional and productive working relationship with Bambary.

“I wish her all the happiness that life can offer in the years ahead,” Williams said.

For her part, Bambary is pleased with how her working career ended.

“It’s been a very good career. I have no complaints,” Bambary said.