Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Let Voices Be Heard


I’d like to encourage those citizens of Berlin who truly care about their town to attend the upcoming Comprehensive Plan community input meeting on April 30 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall. If you are concerned that your town is becoming something other than what you want, that your taxes seem to be covering more than what you and your family need, and that the town center is becoming more of a Disneyfied facade of Main Street than a functioning one, it’s time to stand up and have your voice be heard.

It’s easy to see that we have not taken urban planning seriously, if at all. Quite evidently, most of the difficult problems that face Berlin have their origin in the fact that we have chosen to sit back and wait for things to happen … then react, rather than have a real plan that addresses the changes which inevitably take place over time.

This laze-faire attitude has manifested itself vital businesses leaving the town core, higher taxes, and rising utility rates. The latest craze is sanitized corporate McHousing units sprouting up on the outskirts of town rather than modest homes of quality and character built by people you know on infill sites where town services already exist. Commercial growth continues to be haphazard, ugly, and out of reach by anything other than a short car trip fighting traffic. Our main entrances to Berlin look like Anyplace USA, not the best face to put on a town that claims to be “quant“.

We can continue to allow Berlin to grow with the whims of those who have little to nothing invested here or we can come up with a plan that restores the unique character of our wonderful town, improves its livability, protects our property values, and keeps our taxes reasonable. It’s up to us. Take the opportunity to speak up if you care.

Ron Cascio


Fans Deserve Better


Baseball fans in Ocean City are being shortchanged on two fronts.

First, Comcast does not carry Chicago superstation WGN, which broadcasts both Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox games. My brother, who lives in Baltimore County, also a Comcast subscriber, receives WGN as part of his basic cable package, while I with the more expensive digital cable package do not get WGN. Comcast, please explain why Baltimore County customers get preferential treatment in the inclusion of WGN in their package over Ocean City customers.

On a second front, the Baltimore Sun’s “four star final” sold at Ocean City newsstands and boxes is unable to provide the results of Oriole games played the night before, citing the 7 p.m. games as “late”. My same brother in Baltimore County receives his “four star final” Sun paper with both the score and the box score of the prior night’s game. Apparently, some “four star finals” are more final than others.

If the Washington Post can provide the score and boxes core of the prior night’s 7 p.m. Orioles game, for 25 cents less, it seems the Sun should be able to do the same (as they have done in the past). Get on the ball Baltimore Sun.

Michael Miller

Ocean City

Feral Cats Need Help


What is a feral cat? A cat that is domesticated but has been abandon-ed, lost or neglected and forced to survive on his or her own as a stray.

The offspring of these cats develop a natural fear of people and be-come “wild.” The wild offspring are known as feral. The cat you see eating at a dumpster who runs away when you approach is most likely a feral cat. These cats form a group known as colonies.

Why is it important to know this? People created the horrible circumstances that feral cats find themselves in; it is up to people to rectify them.

Feral cats need the help of all compassionate people. God put compassion in our heats for all living things. Spay or neuter your cats. And this means farm cats, too. No, nature cannot take care of itself. Barn kittens struggle for survival, fighting diseases, and can turn out to be feral.

You say that you don’t have the money to spay or neuter? How about giving up that six-pack of beer, pack of cigarettes, new pair of shoes, pizza delivery, whatever. A few small sacrifices can save many innocent lives. Still feel that there is nothing you can do? Well, read on:

Thoughts Of A Feral

Dedicated to all the kind and caring people who give the lonely ferals a little care, a little love and a little hope.

I sit beneath the bushes

as she fills my dish each day,

I only venture out to eat

when she has gone away,

I know it will upset her

when I turn away and hide,

As every day she tries her best

to get me by her side.

I wish that I could let her know

that I don’t want to run,

And hope that she will understand

it’s nothing that she’s done.

I’d like to have her stroke me

and pat my weary head,

But fear will overcome

and I’ll run and hide instead.

For all the kindly people

who feed the strays each day,

I pray the Lord will care for them

as they have cared for me.

By Annette Easdon

Laura Orlando-Marra