My Thoughts

My Thoughts

Sports often messes with Insider’s television viewing schedule. It often irks the old guy, but one sport he will allow to interfere with his regular 60 Minutes watching is college basketball, the purest of all the highly televised sports. There just seems to be something special about this game and the love those boys (oops, young men) have for it. Insider does not watch every game because there are way too many, but he does often catch the ones with the teams from Maryland’s conference. While the old guy has been known to get his wrinkles in a bunch when pro football interferes with his news on Sunday evenings, there’s nothing like the wrath of a woman when sports gets in the way of the afternoon soap operas. It only happens a couple times during the year around the big basketball tournament, but Insider’s best friend gets so angry each year when she is forced to miss her stories. She knows it’s coming each March, but her temper still gets the best of her. It’s the only time of year she gets mad, and Insider just sits back and takes it all in.

Insider has to smile when he sees newcomers moving into one of the latest housing developments sprawling in and around this area. They love house hunting, the numerous selections of homes, and the choices of the locations. But then something happens. The deal is done. They become residents and immediately emerge as fanatic environmentalists, screaming for the halt of any and all future development. They have their piece of the glorious pie, and other people who come along and also want to live the good life here become the enemy and are told to go away. The thought goes: How dare someone want to build a house blocking my sunset? What this newcomer does not realize is his house blocked someone else’s view and that someone else blocked someone else’s views. That’s how it works around here. Some would call it progress. Insider calls it life.

The old guy is a card-carrying carnivore. He loves all kinds of meat, and one of his favorite meals is a thick ribeye steak right off the grill. Insider has no problem with those vegetarians. They certainly have the right to eat whatever they please, but he does not want any lectures on what he can and cannot eat and today that included scrapple for breakfast, ham for lunch and a beautiful ribeye for dinner.

If you want to see what nothing looks like, simply look up. The sky, although it may have a certain color on any given day, is nothing. It’s just empty, endless space.