WOC Drive-Thru Plans Approved

OCEAN CITY –West Ocean City will soon be enjoying a drive-thru BBQ, as plans to convert the old Jerky Outlet continue to move forward this week.

J.W. Powell, who currently owns Boog’s Barbeque on the Boardwalk, and attorney Hugh Cropper, came before the Mayor and Council this week, requesting permission to create a drive-thru exit that would pass through the West Ocean City Park and Ride.

The proposed drive-thru, quick service barbeque will take the place of the old Jerky Outlet, located between Royal Farms and the Park and Ride.

“As you know, this has been a difficult site over the years. No business has really flourished there,” said Cropper, explaining that access to the property has contributed to the problem.

To allow for easy access and traffic flow, an exit would be needed at the southerly end of the property, at the stoplight at Shantytown Road, and would exit out through the Park and Ride.

“You cannot fit a drive-thru unless you have an exit out the rear,” said Cropper, explaining that the property is not big enough for vehicles to turn around in.

In order to have an exit though the Park and Ride an inter-parcel connector, a driveway connecting the two properties, would be needed, explained Cropper, requesting approval from the Mayor and Council.

“We really see it as an amenity to the Park and Ride,” Cropper said, noting that they envision visitors stopping off at the BBQ after spending a day at the beach and returning to their car at the Park and Ride.

“West Ocean City is important to Ocean City and the people that come into Ocean City,” he said.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins commented on the proposed drive-thru, seeing no operational problems with the proposal.

“If it was to become a gated facility, keep in mind you would be tying your hands there,” said Adkins, explaining that if the Park and Ride were to ever become a gated facility, then operational issues could arise. Adkins added that it was an unlikely situation however, explaining the Maryland Transit Administration would most likely never approve gated use of the Park and Ride.

The council voted five in favor, with Council member Margaret Pillas and Lloyd Martin in opposition, to approve the inter-parcel connector and the drive-thru plans.