Council to Save on Police Ammo

OCEAN CITY –The Ocean City Police Department will be taking advantage of a savings on ammunition before the next fiscal year, after unanimous approval from the Mayor and Council to purchase a portion of next year’s ammunition from the existing budget.

Captain Kevin Kirstein came before the Mayor and Council on behalf of the police department this week, requesting approval to purchase a large portion of ammunition before the week end in an effort to save money in the next fiscal year budget.

Ammunition is anticipated to see a significant rise in price next year as the price of metals such as copper, brass and lead, continue to rise.

The OCPD’s supplier of Federal Ammunition recently informed the OCPD that the new Maryland State contract prices would be rising next year, but the OCPD would be allowed to order more ammunition at last year’s Maryland State contract prices.

Captain Kirstein explained to the Mayor and Council that their supplier, The Gun Shop, located in New Jersey, would be honoring last year’s prices until March 21, making approval of the request time sensitive.

Captain Kirstein emphasized the significant savings that the town would realize in next year’s budget by purchasing the ammunition during the current budget. He also noted that the increased demand in ammunition has resulted in a delayed wait time for orders, oftentimes up to nine months. Ordering the ammunition now would help to ensure that the needed ammunition is available in time for yearly qualifications. The council unanimously approved the request.