Wednesday, February 20 – OC Council Seeks To Keep Volunteers

OCEAN CITY – The resort’s fire service could soon be united under Ocean City Volunteer Fire Chief Chris Larmore after the Mayor and Council switched gears last night and offered the position to Larmore with certain conditions.

Contention and heated debate continued last night as citizens, volunteers and paid fire fighters poured into City Hall in an effort to overturn the decision by the City Council last week to not appoint Larmore as the interim fire chief for the town’s fire services. That decision was reversed last night as the City Council voted 4-3 to essentially offer the position to Larmore with the condition that he resign as volunteer fire chief.

Council President Joe Mitrecic made the motion to send a letter from the mayor to Larmore, requesting that Larmore be the interim chief. Although several council members applauded the compromise, others felt there was no reason for Larmore to have to step down from his current position.

“I just don’t understand why you would ask this man to step down as chief of the volunteer fire company,” said Councilman Jim Hall.

“Everything that is here was basically discussed at the last council meeting,” said Mitrecic of the proposal.

Larmore weighed in on the proposal, explaining that he would need to view the document and consult with the OCVFC before making any decisions.

“I would like the council to continue with this but I would like to take a 7-0 vote back to my membership to discuss this issue with them,” said Larmore.

Despite Larmore’s request for a unified decision from the City Council, the council voted 4-3 for Mayor Rick Meehan to send the proposal in the form of a letter to Larmore.

Larmore will be reviewing the letter with the OCVFC and should return to the Mayor and Council with a response in the near future.

For the full story, see The Dispatch on Friday morning.