My Thoughts

My Thoughts

Like everyone else, the old guy sat down and watched the Super Bowl last weekend. He did not care who won or what the latest and greatest commercial was. There was a New York team and a Boston team playing in the 42nd version, and those are not Insider’s favorites. He likes the small town teams or as the sports pundits call them ‘the small market teams.’ He roots for any teams that are not from the big cities of Chicago, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Miami, etc. In last weekend’s Super Bowl, any team playing against New York or Boston would have been getting some mild cheers from the Insider. Green Bay is Insider’s favorite, but the guys from New York broke their hearts. Therefore, he sat there and rooted for nobody to score and that’s what happened most of the game until the last couple minutes when Archie Manning’s boy showed his father and brother exactly how to do it.

Insider is no longer in the job market. It’s been years since he has needed a job or even longer since he worked for someone. But it’s not been so long that he can’t understand there are certain things you don’t do unless you want to get fired. Along those lines, a friend dropped something in the mail the other day he figured he would pass along. It was from some outfit named CareerBuilder and was titled ’10 Things That Will Get You Fired.’

1. Don’t bother learning what’s expected of you.

2. Learn to say, “That’s not part of my job description.”

3. Go shopping the supply closet.

4. Abuse company technology.

5. Complain about your job to anyone who will listen.

6. Forget teamwork – look out for No. 1.

7. Bring your personal life to work.

8. Consistently work “abbreviated” workdays.

9. Treat deadlines more like guidelines.

10. Operate the gossip mill.