Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Ban Implementation Is What’s Unfair


I hope you will print this in the interest of all concerned.

Regarding Daniel Heinecke’s letter, I was allowed to smoke in certain bars and restaurants and now I’m not, I think that any reasonable person can see that I have lost a right I once had. But this is not the point of my letter.

 I am a "type A" and smoking relaxes me and quiets my nerves. In my case it is probably good for me. I try to be a considerate smoker and not offend the non-smokers. I try to direct my smoke away from them and if they sit next to me to eat I try to cut down on my cigarettes until they finish.

What really is unfair about this whole thing is the way the ban is being implemented. It seems wrong that business owners do not have the option to decide whether they would like to be a smoking or non-smoking establishment. If they wanted to go with smoking there could be a sign on all entrances stating such and people could decide for themselves whether they want to go there or not. Further, employees, many of whom do smoke, could decide where they want to work. What is wrong with this approach? I welcome a response.

In addition to this, as I understand it, we can smoke outside as long as there is no protection from the elements. No shelter from the rain or hot sun and no heat when it is cold. What would it hurt to at least let us have some protection? I’m 73 and this can’t be good for me. What’s next, waterboarding?

I know that some smokers are going to try to quit. With the cost and inconvenience now, I say go for it and I hope you succeed.

I am the only smoker in my family, but my wife and children thankfully are understanding and compassionate and forgive me as an old man too set in his ways to change.

I have always been a "live and let live" type of guy. Unfortunately, the new slogan seems to be "live my way or die".

Thomas Boenzli

Generosity Appreciated


We would like to thank the Selbyville Elks Lodge # 2173 for their assistance with a fundraiser for a local cancer patient on Jan. 19, 2008. In addition to the lodge sponsoring the affair, the generosity of the following businesses were key to the success of the event:

Applebee’s, Big Poppa Entertainment, BJ’s Restaurant, Chauncey’s, Cleaning Management, Comfort Inn Gold Coast Mall, The Dispatch, DelVecchio’s Bakery, Dumser’s Dairyland, Elliott’s Hardware, Embers/Chophouse Restaurant, Expression Beauty Shop, Francis Scott Key Hotel, Gold’s Gym, Harbor Tackle Shop, Harborside Bar & Grill, Kelvin Lynch, Marina Deck Restaurant, Michelle Labbe-Mary Kay Cosmetics, Pizza Palace, Pizza King Restaurant, Pomeroy’s Liquor Store, River Run Golf, Robin Walters Salon, Selbyville Ace Hardware, Tommy Baker, The Dough Roller Restaurant, The Georgia House, The Harrison Group, Ultimate, Tan, Video Flicks, Wal-Mart, Whisker’s Restaurant-Ocean Pines, World Gym and all lodge members that donated items.

Thanks to the generous members of our community for a very triumphal occasion.

Mike and Jackie Todd

Darryl and Renee Sechrist