Council Okay With One Scope Franchise

OCEAN CITY – The number of beach photo franchises went from two to one this week, after the Mayor and Council approved the reassignment of the rights of SharpShooter Spectrum to United Beach Photo.

City Clerk Carol Jacobs presented the Mayor and Council with the request for the reassignment of the beach photo franchise at this week’s regular session of the Mayor and Council, a request that essentially leaves United Beach Photo as the sole “scoper” in town.

Currently, the town has contracts with all beach photo franchises and beach stands, which requires any change to come before the Mayor and Council for approval.

In a letter to the town, SharpShooter Spectrum Venture LLC Chief Financial Officer Richard Roy wrote, “SharpShooter and United Beach Photo, Inc have agreed that SharpShooter will assign its rights and delegate its duties to United Beach Photo, and United Beach Photo will assume all of the rights and duties of SharpShooter.”

By reassigning the franchise to United Beach Photo and President Patrick McLaughlin, SharpShooter essentially sold its franchise and contract with the town to United Beach Photo.

SharpShooter won the bid last year, requiring it to pay $160,000 of the franchise fee, to be paid to the town. With the reassignment, United Beach Photo will now pay the $160,000.

Councilman Jim Hall made a motion to approve the request.

“This is an easy one for me,” he said, noting that McLaughlin had been working with the town for many years and had never caused any problems or been delinquent with fees. Councilwoman Mary Knight seconded the motion.

The reassignment of the beach photo franchise was unanimously approved, with Councilwoman Nancy Howard absent.