My Thoughts

My Thoughts

The old guy worries about the young-timers for they have to grow up and marry in a culture where they are inferior to just about everyone, particularly the ladies and the children. Insider came to this revelation while shopping the other day in his favorite grocery store. It was a sad scene on this particular Saturday morning. At least five men were wheeling their grocery carts around with kids in tow and a long list of items to buy. Clearly it was part of his Saturday ‘honey-do’ list, which would not likely be completed until sometime on Sunday.

These days it seems wives write down stuff all week for their poor husbands to do on the weekends. God forbid he have anytime to relax on his time off or simply ask for a few minutes of peace. ‘Honey-do’ lists have been around since the beginning of time, but the up and coming ladies seem to be abusing it in historical fashion. While taking his time and looking for his favorite RC cola in the soda aisle, Insider overheard a father say to his son something along the lines of, ‘oh no we can’t get that, mommy would be very mad at us.’ It seems Diet Coke is not enough these days. It has to also be the Caffeine Free type and it can’t be from a can. In another instance, there was a young boy raising hell in the frozen food aisle and the only way the father knew how to get him under control was, ‘if you don’t stop pulling everything out of the freezers and throwing them all over the place, I will tell your mother and she will be very mad with you.’

Insider is not sure what is to blame here for this swing in family culture. Is it the strong woman of today? Is it the pathetic man of today? Is it society? Is it television? It’s likely a combination of everything here. There’s nothing wrong with a father doing the shopping and using odd fear tactics to discipline his kids, but something that goes on at home seems to be out of whack these days, and it starts with the parents of the young-timers. They seem to be the folks who ingrain in their kids something that’s different from the old timers.

A lot of what Insider has observed is a result of both parents having to work for financial reasons. They have to work because young timers simply live above their means. They have to drive the nicest (biggest) cars, have the latest and greatest computer and TV and their house must have all the best accommodations. They do not want for anything. If they need something, they go out and buy it without hesitation and worry later whether they had the money to buy this or that. That started with their parents and was passed down. It’s now being passed down another generation and it’s not a good thing.